Helping asset managers stay safe and productive working from home

Businesses and communities around the world are showing a genuine willingness to come together and help each other endure the social and economic impacts of Covid-19.

Kurtosys is joining these efforts and doing everything we can to help asset managers ensure control and continuity, and maintain growth and efficiency while staff are working from home.

We are monitoring developments very closely to keep our staff safe so we can help asset managers maintain their service to customers – there has been no impact to our business at this time.

A reliable, secure, cloud-based website and communications platform – available anywhere, any time – will be essential to ensure operational continuity. Kurtosys offers this and so will play a vital role in maintaining control of your business while also keeping people safe and productive at home.

Until now, most asset management professionals have worked in offices so they can meet clients and stay tightly connected to their team. But for the next few months, most will be working from home to help stop the virus spreading.

]The technology is available for them to do this, and most firms are prepared for home working as part of their business continuity plans. Video conferencing and access to most of the online information they need are standard.

But how workers can store, access, manage and communicate that information depends on the website platform they use. The power of their platform already has a significant impact on sales and user experiences, but it will become even more important to maintaining those service levels in the next few months.

Our end-to-end digital experience manager (DXM) platform can also help maintain growth by increasing revenue, and drive efficiency by lowering cost and risk. It does this by automating your websites and portals, documents, apps, content and data in record time.

Compliance Risk

Minimizing compliance risks will be crucial at this time of disruption. Kurtosys tools are designed to reduce compliance risks, while also driving effectiveness and agility in your processes.

They allow you to run your websites, portals, and documents from a single, cloud-based content and data platform that is designed to ensure compliance. Using a central platform reduces information errors and discrepancies as you only need update data in one digital location.


In these testing days, it will be crucial to communicate with clients in a rapid, transparent and agile way. Kurtosys Communities is a cloud-based platform that enables you to easily create secure, branded portals in minutes and store documents centrally.

These portals offer a simple, fast way to provide your clients with a wealth of critical, personalized information.

Sales and Marketing

To help you maintain growth, Kurtosys provides powerful sales tools and data to support your home-based sales teams.

For example, our DXM allows you to run all your sales communications and experiences from a single content and data platform, shortening sales cycles and ensuring powerful customer experiences.

Efficiency and Growth

In this challenging environment, asset managers will look to reduce costs wherever possible and reinvest savings in people and other growth-generating areas.

Kurtosys’ cloud-based platform will empower your workforce to create and manage your websites and other communications remotely. This will enable them to continue driving efficiency and business growth with minimal disruption while also staying safe at home.