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Our ready-to-use tools and DXM platform have been developed to help asset managers build beautiful investor websites. The Kurtosys DXM platform is a digital experience management system that is used by some of the world’s largest asset managers. The platform is continually enhanced and updated to ensure that ever-evolving user needs are catered for.

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“The BMO Global Asset Management website project was immense in terms of scale and also complexity in delivering over 60 websites with branded components and a fund center for our different regional sites"


Ross Duncton

BMOGAM Head of Marketing

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The Kurtosys Platform is a full platform-as-a-service for launching and maintaining investment websites. The Digital Experience Manager allows the user to manage their site, domain, set up redirects, manage site compliance and security from one central location with only a few clicks. Our solution combines the specialized regulatory and compliance requirements with the vast functionality of WordPress as well as WYSIWYG post editing plugins, like Elementor.

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Security and performance as standard

Security and performance as standard

The Kurtosys cloud provides a full end- to-end platform-as-a-service to host and manage your site. Industry leading security features come as standard.

Integrate fund and investment data

Kurtosys Studio apps, a library of over 50 data driven experiences specifically built for fund managers and investors, readily integrates your fund and investment data, thus enabling real-time data visualization and content publishing across all your customer touchpoints.

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Reach your global investor base

With seamless localization features, such as automated translation integration and multi-site sharing, your cross-border communication will comply with specific regional regulatory needs and help facilitate stronger relationships with investors.

Compliance at the core

Regulatory requirements are all taken care of. With built in record retention, content & data snapshots, automated content expiry and customizable approval workflows, your team will have one less thing to worry about.

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Live up to your brand

Your site is one of your most important brand touchpoints allowing you to position yourself as both a thought leader and a formidable investment firm. Together, we can help to ensure that your clients and site visitors get the best experience.

Unmatched investor experiences

Pixel perfection

Create a brand impression that will last.

Reach a global audience

All Kurtosys sites can be automatically localized and integrate key features such as investor attestation, workflow translation processes, site grouping features and much more.

Surface thought leadership

Creating insights areas, integrating video content, and developing educational areas can easily be implemented with the available out-of-the box features.

Integrated fund data

Our platform contains a wide variety of fund data modules that can be branded and configured to your needs.

Integrated search

Providing a fast and useful search experience on your site is key to keeping advisers and investors coming back.

Investment portals

Privileged investment content, private fund data, or even client account information can easily be secured with a gated investment portal.

Fund Center

A fund center is the heart of any asset management site. With Kurtosys Studio, you can configure a fund center in no time at all. Help your investors and advisers find the products, data, and documents they are looking for with minimal fuss. The design and features are fully configurable, so you can create an experience that is as unique as your business.

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Search and filter

Search for products by name, identifier or category. Provide specific filters to allow them to shop for groups of products by asset class, strategy, or product type.

Data columns

Communicate the most important information to your investors with fully customizable data columns. Group like columns together to pack in more information. Allow investors to compare funds with sorting.

Key columns

Provide quick links to factsheets, offer excel data downloads or show ratings information in key columns.

Fund cards

A fund card provides quick access to the entirety of a fund’s information at a glance. Serve key facts, performance charts, fund manager bios, key documents and disclosures by implementing the fund card feature anywhere on your site.


Your investors can favorite frequently accessed products for convenient future retrieval or comparison purposes.

Product tabs

A single fund center can be configured to showcase a variety of different products and contain different setups for each.

Registered for sale integration

Fund centers can automatically display the correct products based on investor eligibility and jurisdiction, eliminating the risk of marketing the wrong product to clients.

Document libraries

Display accurate and up-to-date regulatory and marketing materials in an intuitive and easy to use document library.

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Search and filter

Documents can be tagged and searched for in a variety of ways, allowing your investors to find them easily.

Group by product

Products can be grouped together by product, strategy, or any other logical category.


Reports can be uploaded in multiple cultures and automatically displayed according to the visitor’s preferences.

Automated uploads

Documents can be uploaded via the Kurtosys Documents user interface, or via automated API feed from your internal system.

Bulk download

Multi-select and bulk download allows advisers to shop for documents and download in one single zip.

Fund pages

Tell the full story of your investment strategies and funds with dedicated product pages.

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Key facts

Show off key investment information, such as identifiers, fees, and investment awards in a variety of engaging ways.


Allow clients to explore return data with rich performance components. Allow investors to choose benchmarks, reporting periods and more.


Showcase aggregate allocation data alongside individual position information while allowing clients to download everything to Excel.

Fund managers

Place your fund managers at the forefront of your investors’ thinking. Include biographical and education- related information. Everything can be managed centrally from Kurtosys Data.


Combine data and documents together to ensure your clients always find the information they are looking for.

Automated localization

Localize data and translate text automatically, even long form disclaimers and commentaries.

Registered for sale integration

Automatically launch product pages based on templates for new share classes or remove expired products with RFS integration for each product.

Insights and thought leadership

Decision makers want to do business with organizations they can trust. Well-conceived, relevant and impactful thought leadership is a crucial brand and relationship-building factor for asset managers. We can help you distribute and share this valuable information in a timely, relevant and targeted way.

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Endless customization possibilities

Customize everything about your content, from page templates to result pages.

Video and rich media

Deliver long-form written content alongside video and audio.

Search and filter

Group your content with fully configurable tags and categories. Allow visitors to filter and sort content accordingly.

Approval workflows

The approval workflow process ensures easy collaboration with compliance and other stakeholders. Participants are able to comment, edit and approve according to their specified roles and permissions, making the publishing process transparent and intuitive. Audit logs can be kept for up to ten years.

Automated expiry

Define expiry rules for content with time-sensitive claims.

Investor attestation

A compliant site will always ensure that global investors view only eligible products for their region. Our attestation solution allows visitors to self-select their preferences. Their site experience will then automatically serve only relevant content, eligible products and region-specific translations.

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Country and language

Allow investors to choose their location and language preferences. Sites can be translated and tailored to each region, ensuring that clients are able to browse in their mother tongue.


Automatically determine a visitor’s location when they land with our geolocation feature.

Disclaimers and confirmation

Display key disclaimers before granting access.

Investor type selections

Fully expandable and customizable to cover all personas, from advisers to consultants and beyond.

Save preferences

Investor selections can be retained for a pre-configured period for a better customer experience.

Registered for sale integration

All product-related views are automatically filtered according to the investor’s selection.

Global search

Over 80% of site traffic to investment websites comes in the pursuit of specific documents, product data, or investment insights. Our platform contains an integrated enterprise search to help your clients find what they need, fast.

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Real-time typeahead

Our site search responds in real-time as visitors type in search terms.

Category drilldown

Results can be aggregated together and displayed differently based on type.

Fund-related results

Fund related result sets can contain quick links to key documents, share class selectors, and CTAs to visit product pages or pre-filtered fund centers.

Document-related results

Matching documents can be showcased in a variety of ways, by allowing investors to download directly from results, or by viewing all matching content.

Insights and other content

Search results can be returned across leadership, site page, video formats and more.

Investor education

Learn and earn - Create investor education areas containing videos, private market insights and even quizzes and exams, allowing advisers to earn ongoing education credits.

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Investor Websites 10

Investor portals

Showcase data - Create gated areas of your site to showcase privileged fund data or even client account information.


SEO, analytics, accessibility - Apply SEO metadata, integrate with your chosen analytics package, and apply accessibility-related tagging to comply with WCAG 2. 1. Gate content via Salesforce.

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Investor Websites 2

Complete compliance

Keep records of all page edits, audit changes, and track content signoffs using easily customizable workflow processes.

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