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Kurtosys powers transformation across the distribution organization

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Drive new asset flows


Transform your investor experience


Exceed investor expectations

Solutions for Sales

Fund Buyer Portals

Give fund buyers what they need, when they need it.

Sales presentation automation has finally arrived.
Enablement Hubs
Centralize your most important sales content and tools

Fully automate your key marketing documents

Automate your fund commentaries
Fund Comparison Tools

Differentiate your funds with advanced comparison tools

Portfolio Construction

Facilitate deeper investor conversations with our portfolio construction tool

Solutions for Marketing

Build a class leading funds website
Fund Centers
Drive more fund buyers to your products
Digital Product Pages
Differentiate your products from the competition
UCITS Microsites
Drive cross border fund flows
Content Localization

Cater to your international clients

Content Personalization

Tailor your experiences to individual investor types

Solutions for Client Service

Client Reporting Portals

Digital client reporting for investors

Client Reports

Automation for client reporting teams

ESG Reporting

Sustainability reporting

Investor Analytics

Understand investor intent

Preference Centers

Enable self-service for your clients

Explore our Platform


Cutting edge digital experience management, based on WordPress and tailored for the needs of the enterprise 


Enterprise grade document automation and management, integrated with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office


A secure and customizable data API platform, built for the security and compliance needs of financial institutions


Combines a library of advanced digital experiences for financial institutions with an intuitive configuration UI that removes the need for custom coding


Transform Kurtosys DXM sites into secure online portals, complete with cutting edge infosec and user experience features

Real growth. Realized.

Reduce time to market for websites, marketing documents and content portals by over 50%, and at one third of the traditional cost.

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Learn how Kurtosys collaborated with BMO Global Asset Management to build an enterprise global digital experience in six months.