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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower financial services firms to build highly productive, industry- compliant sales, marketing and client service departments.  

Using our innovative digital experience platform (DXP) and tools, our customers can accelerate these functions by automating critical business processes and create stand-out investor experiences that lead to lasting relationships with their customers.  

As a result, it is trusted by the world’s leading investment brands to mitigate their risks and reduce their costs while providing the agility to ensure they are first to market.  

Kurtosys solutions include secure websites and portals, interactive data tools and apps, automated sales presentations, marketing collateral and reporting and document libraries.  

Kurtosys infrastructure and technology is underpinned by global ISO-27001 certification in information security management, and Kurtosys teams have a deep understanding of working at scale with data, information design, industry regulations and compliance issues.  

Founded in 2002, Kurtosys was funded from Silicon Valley investment and operates across three global offices, employing over 200 people. The company works with some of the world’s largest financial brands, including banks, wealth managers, mutual fund providers and alternative investments. 

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Global Customers in Asset Management
Financial documents automated every week
Skilled employees across three locations

Timeline of Events


Kurtosys founded in London


Kurtosys opens US Office in New York City


Kurtosys SA opens new Cape Town Office in Constantia

Trusted by the World’s Leading
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