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A unique platform to orchestrate all of your financial data, documents, websites and content. Trusted by the world's leading investment brands.


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A series of modules to increase marketing efficiency in investment management

Fund Data Orchestration


An enterprise content management system for publishing compliant investment product material across your websites and documents.

Fund Fact Sheet Automation


DocPress enables investment managers to bulk-automate production of their fund factsheets saving time, resources and money.

Financial Document Distribution


Provide secure, entitled access and distribution to all of your global investors, advisors and clients through your own branded portals.

Financial Website CMS

WordPress for Finance

Built on the foundations of the world's most popular CMS, optimized with bank-grade security, compliance and finance-specific components.


FundPress Explained


WordPress for Finance Explained


InvestorPress Explained

Investor Fund Tools

Build amazing tools for your investors

Give your investors the best possible user experience with the latest data visualisation tools and product pages. All deployed and managed from one platform.

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Translate & localize your content

Kurtosys makes it easy to manage all your digital fund properties in multiple languages, from one dashboard. Configured with the languages that matter to your business, FundPress Translations helps you localize your content for your audience.

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Fund Property Translations

Fund Data HealthCheck

Eliminate data issues before they go live

FundPress lets you create validation rules to give your data a 'health check' to highlight data issues before they go live on your website and documents.

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Distribute the right documents to the right investors

Store all of your financial documents in the cloud, and provide secure and entitled access and electronic distribution to all of your global investors, advisors, clients and employees through your own branded document portal.

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Financial Document Distribution

Record-keeping Snapshots

Mitigate issues with financial compliance & regulation

Kurtosys Snapshots can assist with compliance and regulation such as MiFID II, as it records and stores read-only versions of your chosen web pages for 10 years.

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Automate all your fund factsheet production

Free up time and resources by bulk-automating production of your monthly and quarterly fund factsheets and produce perfect, print-ready PDFs with accurate data.

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WordPress for Finance

Manage all of your WordPress websites

Our new command hub for launching and managing WordPress sites brings a suite of security and control features to the creation and management of your WordPress for Finance instances.

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Asset Managers

Read our Customer Success Stories

Find out how we created Generali Investments an end-to-end digital solution of product & services as part of their digital transformation.

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Learn how we helped create Hermes Investment Management a data-centric cutting-edge digital experience for all their data, content and documents.

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Enjoy a world of benefits from our platform

We’ve invested millions so you don’t have to.

Triple your engagement levels

We’ve built all the tools for financial marketers to create and promote content and drive up those investor engagement levels.

Mitigate security threats & vulnerabilities

We’ve invested millions and have spent 15 years worrying about security so you can focus on marketing and sales.

Personalise journeys for specific investors

Our platform is designed for multiple investor types, countries and languages so you can personalise the user experience.

Ensure optimised page speed worldwide

We partner with services such as Akamai to provide the best possible page speeds which can scale with your digital footprint.

Cut implementation times in half

Our team of experts are used to dealing with projects large and small and we deliver projects on time and on budget.

Save time & money through automation

Our entire platform is designed around automated processes for your data so you can focus on your core business.

Cutting-edge resources for financial marketers

Regular thought leadership, interviews, webinars, videos and white papers to assist professionals who work in digital marketing for financial services.


White Papers

How Asset Managers are preparing for Brexit

Tim Cooper on September 13, 2018

A growing number of UK asset managers anticipate that Brexit will have a major impact on their business models. Tim Cooper explores the potential implications and preparations that are already happening.

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White Papers

Seven Key Ingredients of Asset Management Marketing

Elliot Burr on August 16, 2018

We've put together a run-through guide of the key ingredients which we believe can help asset managers to amplify their digital offerings, from content creation to website features, including some of the best industry-wide examples we could find on the web.

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White Papers

The Asset Manager’s Guide To: Improving UX Through Personalisation

Richard Watts on July 25, 2018

We believe asset managers need to put personalisation at the heart of their design process in order to improve the user experience. Rich Watts, Head of Digital, explores how investment marketers can create a winning personalisation strategy.

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BMO Marketing Perspectives: Opportunity through consolidation

Sam Shaw on September 18, 2018

We interview BMO's Ross Duncton, managing director, head of marketing & direct, and Stewart Conway, head of central marketing to hear about marketing developments since their consolidation of F&C.

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WordPress for Finance

Democratising digital experiences using WordPress

Richard Watts on September 17, 2018

Rich Watts describes how the Low Code CMS movement is helping businesses evolve their digital experience through speed, quality and commercial efficiency.

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Fund Marketing Friday

AMMF #52: Private equity trends, new African fund and fintech GDP predictions

Leandi Kolver on September 14, 2018

This week’s roundup brings you Africa-focused news and insight on topics ranging from private equity investment to fintech and AI.

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