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We create and host secure websites for investment managers

A solution that is suitable for the largest fund and wealth managers to the smallest hedge fund and private investment advisory firms.

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"Our website traffic has tripled, which I never would’ve anticipated going into this, I thought maybe 10% or even 20%, but it tripled in just a few months which has really been an amazing result."
Read the interview with Tony Ialeggio from Commonfund

Embed dynamic, interactive fund data widgets into your website or app

Bring your fund data visualizations to life with our extensive range of fund tools, including performance, allocation, benchmarks, portfolio builders, comparison and retirement calculators. We partner with Morningstar and Lipper and have a team of data experts on hand to load your custom fund data.

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fund data widgets fund data widgets fund data widgets
secure portal dashboard secure portal wealth management secure portal fund documents

Empower your advisors & investors through a branded financial web portal

Give the millennials generation what they need in wealth management with a responsive secure portal, packed with intuitive features such as user emulation, document management and instant report generation.

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Automate production of your fund factsheets

Turn operational problems into an opportunity to wow new investors with beautiful factsheets. From automated monthly or quarterly fund factsheets, to the latest data-driven PDFs generated on-the-fly, we've got you covered.

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Fund factsheet - Direxion Fund factsheet - Aberdeen global tech fund fund factsheet - Forward Investing

Our technology stack is powered by a multi-tenant data architecture

The foundation of the Kurtosys platform is a single, multi-tenant Unified Data Model that assures data integrity, historical accuracy and the streamlined ingestion of client and market data.

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