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  • Attract

    Orchestrate all your fund data
    Tailor to your investor types



  • Engage

    Improve the user experience
    Convert more leads to investors

    WordPress for Finance


  • Service

    Increase client engagement
    Maximise distribution effectiveness



  • Learn how our FundPress platform
    can help attract new business by
    tailoring to your investor types.

  • WordPress for Finance can transform
    your digital footprint to really
    engage your investors.

  • InvestorPress can increase investor
    engagement and alleviate document
    distribution problems.


Kurtosys enables financial institutions to orchestrate their
data across websites, documents and portals to increase sales,
marketing and client servicing efficiency.


What is FundPress?


What is WordPress for Finance?


What is InvestorPress?


The ultimate fund data orchestration platform for creating engaging and compliant product experiences, websites and data processes.

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WordPress for Finance

Built on the foundations of the world’s most popular CMS, optimized for security, compliance and financial digital marketing.

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The leading market solution for increasing investor & advisor engagement through secure, branded portals for documents and data.

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Automated Fund Factsheets

Free up time and resources by bulk-automating production of your monthly and quarterly fund factsheets and produce perfect, print-ready PDFs with accurate data.

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Asset Managers

Read our Customer Success Stories

Find out how we created Generali Investments an end-to-end digital solution of product & services as part of their digital transformation.

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Learn how we helped create Hermes Investment Management a data-centric cutting-edge digital experience for all their data, content and documents.

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Enjoy a world of benefits from our platform

We’ve invested millions so you don’t have to.

Triple your engagement levels

We’ve built all the tools for financial marketers to create and promote content and drive up those investor engagement levels.

Mitigate security threats & vulnerabilities

We’ve invested millions and have spent 15 years worrying about security so you can focus on marketing and sales.

Personalise journeys for specific investors

Our platform is designed for multiple investor types, countries and languages so you can personalise the user experience.

Ensure optimised page speed worldwide

We partner with services such as Akamai to provide the best possible page speeds which can scale with your digital footprint.

Cut implementation times in half

Our team of experts are used to dealing with projects large and small and we deliver projects on time and on budget.

Save time & money through automation

Our entire platform is designed around automated processes for your data so you can focus on your core business.

Cutting-edge resources for financial marketers

Regular thought leadership, interviews, webinars, videos and white papers to assist professionals who work in digital marketing for financial services.


White Papers

Winning Digital Strategies for Asset Managers

Patrick McKenna on May 23, 2018

Marketing and servicing clients in financial services is challenging for a number of reasons. From increasing transparency to using automation, Kurtosys has a few pointers on how to build a winning strategy - and team - for your digital experience platform.

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White Papers

How Asset Managers are using M&A to Strengthen & Diversify

Mash Patel on April 20, 2018

Based on recent findings and events, global asset managers are set to keep using mergers and acquisitions to strengthen and diversify. We take a look at the current state of M&A, including motivations, market trends and margin erosion.

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White Papers

The Monster Guide to Fund Marketing

Luke Hinchliffe on December 15, 2017

The world of digital marketing moves at a scary pace. The rate at which digital technology is moving is superseding most CMOs' best laid strategies. Get our comprehensive guide to all things fund marketing.

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Exploring 9 excellent fund finders in asset management

Ray Aso on July 18, 2018

We’ve delved into the product centres of asset management sites to bring you the best fund explorers we could find. Here are 9 examples featuring current design trends that make browsing funds as simple as possible for potential investors.

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Digital Marketing

How financial services tapped into the World Cup

Elliot Burr on July 17, 2018

Content marketing in financial services has certainly benefitted from the World Cup - here are some of the creative ways that institutions played the field.

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AMMF #43: Arion Banki website, Alibaba vs Tencent, AC Milan

Elliot Burr on July 13, 2018

This week’s round up brings you a Silicon Valley-worthy bank website, Alibaba vs Tencent, a sustainable investment focus, and asset management at AC Milan.

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