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What institutional investors want

A global asset owner survey that touches on 3 key aspects of client communication and the state of investor reporting.

MAY 2024

Institutional reporting survey 1

This report serves to unpack what institutional investors are experiencing as clients. Are their reporting needs being met? Are they receiving timely and accurate information? Are managers going above and beyond to make sure that they are staying up to date with the latest trends including automating their processes?

Key insights from the report:

Institutional reporting survey 2

We delve into these questions and more:  

  1. What is the level of reporting quality when it comes to valuation, performance, attribution, and allocation?
  2. What is their current frequency of receiving reports? And how often would they like to see their reports?
  3. Do asset owners receive frequent thought leadership and one on one insight engagement from their investment teams?
  4. Are investment managers providing sufficient value to their clients?
  5. How are their clients receiving reports and how are they using and consuming that data?
  6. Are clients looking to the future and how can investment managers support them?

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About the authors

Patrick McKenna

Patrick McKenna

Chief Commercial Officer at Kurtosys

Patrick oversees the commercial and product related activities at Kurtosys, a leading solutions provider of client reporting, client portals and multi-region websites for the investment management industry. Having spent the last twenty years working on both the buy and sell side, Patrick has a wealth of experience in most areas of investment technology, ranging from client reporting and digital through to trading and risk. For the last ten years he has stewarded the build out of the Kurtosys Cloud platform and is a keen proponent of the modernisation of the IM tech stack via the cloud, a topic he speaks about regularly at industry events.

Gert Reaves

Gert Raeves

Research Director at Adox

Gert Raeves is the founder and lead Research Director at Adox Research. With over 20 years of experience in banking, asset management and technology at firms including JP Morgan, SWIFT, and CEB TowerGroup, he covers strategic issues facing buy-side and sell-side firms globally and advises clients on strategy, regulation, technology and product development.