Kurtosys Studio

Rapidly configure aesthetically pleasing and powerful elements including graphs, pie charts and text apps with bespoke styling and custom designs. Easily integrated into a multitude of reporting formats as well as web pages.

Studio 1

Investment Data Experiences

Studio contains an extensive library of UX modules to build out fund buyer journeys, investor portals, and more.


Configure stunning data visualizations for use in your website or print materials.

No coding required

Leverage our library of modules and configure them to suit your needs. Create sophisticated digital experiences and documents without the burden of coding, testing, optimizing, and maintaining.

Fully integrated

Studio modules connect to Kurtosys Data, DXM, and Documents natively, as well as the ‘Studio For’ line of plugins to Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign.

Application library

Kurtosys Studio contains a library of over 40 base applications and components, each of which exposes many thousands of variations based on functionality and styling.

Studio 2

Document apps

Apps that allow clients to easily and efficiently search for, view and download documents.

Studio 3

Document explorer

Allow clients to flexibly search for marketing, regulatory, and account related documents.

Document list

Drop key documents into product or featured fund pages.

Document render

Allow documents to be previewed quickly within the browser.

Document portal

A complete document delivery portal.

Investment Explorers & Data Discovery

A series of apps designed with client-specific access in mind to search for and view appropriate funds and other data based on investor status and jurisdiction.

Studio 4

Fund Explorers

Showcase your fund ranges to prospective buyers and surface critical information.
Studio 5

Mini Fund Finders

Allow quick access to your product range from throughout your site.
Studio 6

Fund cards

Showcase your featured funds anywhere on your site, including key data and documents.
Studio 7

Portfolio center

Surface client accounts and related data in our convenient explorer.
transaction explorer example

Transaction explorer

Surface and search entire transaction histories for each individual account.
global search example

Global search

Search across documents, data, and DXM content, all from one global search bar on your site or portal.
Studio 8


Signpost international investors to the right area of your site in a compliant way.
Studio 9

Fund comparison

Allow visitors to compare and contrast the performance of various products across a variety of metrics.


A set of apps using authentication and secure logins to allow users to view their confidential data.

Studio 10

Login and authentication

Add secure areas to your DXM site. Create secure portals with sensitive data.
Studio 11

User profiles

Allow users to manage their own account and authentication details.
Studio 12

Portfolio Construction

Create sophisticated portfolio construction applications for your advisory clients.

Data visualization

A wide array of apps used for a clear and easy-to-comprehend display of information, statistics, and performance.

Studio 13


Showcase fund level awards.
Studio 14

Bar chart

Showcase performance and other metrics in a variety of bar chart layouts.
Studio 15

Chart tabs

Group multiple charts together in tab groups.
Studio 16


Display product related content, directly connected to your commentary library.
documents data download example

Data download

Allow visitors to download any structured data set in XLSX or CSV.
Studio 17

Data tables

Communicate a variety of financial data in flexible data tables, including features such as grouped headers and totals.
Studio 18

Fact list

Outline key fund or account information in a facts list.
Studio 19

Fund managers

Bring your funds to life by showing fund managers headshots, biographies, and other data such as employment and education histories.
Studio 20

Key facts

Bring key fund data to life in key facts cards.
Studio 21

Line chart

Display historical performance data, style drift, and any timeseries based financial data.
Studio 22

Pie chart

Visualize holdings and other allocation data in customizable pie chart components.
Studio 23

Radial chart

Create sophisticated radial charts, including nested radial charts for holdings data.
Studio 24

Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI)

Display historical performance data, style drift, and any timeseries based financial data.
Studio 25


Visualize holdings and other allocation data in customizable pie chart components.

ESG components

With the increased focus on ESG, these apps clearly display a company’s adherence to ESG ratings and impact.

Studio 26

ESG rating

Display sustainability ratings for funds and portfolios.

Fund Label, CO2 Score

Carbon intensity component specifically for FCA Fund Label display.

Fund Label, OCF

Ongoing charges component specifically for FCA Fund Label display.

Fund Label, Relative Performance

Relative Performance component specifically for FCA Fund Label display.

Fund Label, RI Score

Responsible Investing Score component specifically for FCA Fund Label display.

Fund Label, Value Score

Fund Value component specifically for FCA Fund Label display.

Impact calculator

A customizable calculator to show how your funds create positive impact based on a pro-forma investment amount.

Digital navigation and page structure

Apps which allow a user to easily and intuitively navigate a web page. ​

Studio 27

Page header

Facilitate engaging navigation across product pages or account dashboards.

Layout grid

Create custom layouts of any studio app or HTML component.


Dynamic image displays for your digital pages.

Link list

Links to external resources or documents.


Floating tab navigation for longer digital pages with elastic scrolling.

Studio dashboard

A library of all apps and bespoke themes, and the space in which new apps are created.

Studio 28

App library

Your library of configured studio components.


Create a global style sheet for your components, defining fonts, colours, line heights, and more to create design consistency.

Studio wizard

Jump start the creation of new components with the studio wizard.

Studio configuration console

The design space for creating apps, styles and multiple configurations with ease and without the need for developer intervention.

Studio 28


Use our simplified config UI to map data points, toggle features, and define business rules.


Create customized styles for individual components.

Configuration selector

Create a multitude of component variants quickly and easily

Live preview

View changes to your components in real-time. Preview using live data.


Integrations are done via the Studio for Office and/or Studio for InDesign platforms. These platforms utilize data stored in the Kurtosys App and Studio Apps to build templates that can produce thousands of data driven documents.

Client reports

Customized client reporting used to take up a large amount of time and effort. Our automation engine reduces the time taken to produce content, ensuring investors receive their reports timeously – a key moment for client satisfaction. Customization no longer means manual, error-prone content creation. Our automation engine allows client reporting teams to apply workflows and approvals to content, while our health check module ensures data is of the highest quality.

Studio 30
Studio 31

Studio for Office

Create Word document, PowerPoint presentation and Excel spreadsheet templates, which together with Kurtosys App Data can be used to produce Client Reports, Sales Presentations, EPT or EMT documents from a single template.