ISOC: Information Security Operations Centre


ISOC is an operational unit within our technology group that runs the systems that provide information security detection and protection. It’s goals are to:

  • monitor, analyse, report and respond to issues that have security impact on the delivery of services to the customer.
  • proactively and reactively address platform issues that are related to the implementation of security policy.
  • assist customer support and other technology teams in identifying and resolving issues related to information security.
  • integrate systems and data to increase the value of information and level of protection throughout the organisation.

Technical Systems


Kurtosys security policy results in the implementation of a wealth of technical systems designed to protect, detect and respond to security events across our hosted platform and within our organisation. ISOC currently leverages 19 of these systems operated by 9 different functional teams, to provide its services to both internal and external stakeholders. This centre of excellence and expertise aggregates, correlates and integrates data to improve our operational performance and minimise our information security risk.

Bringing Benefit to Customers

Supporting Your Supplier Risk Management Processes

Whilst our customers’ Sales and Marketing teams enjoy the business benefits of the Kurtosys platform providing their end users with a world leading digital experience, their Risk and Compliance teams also want to know that the systems they use match up with expectations realated to Information Security.  ISOC provides them with the reporting needed to evidence our Security Program with reports that cover:

  • Recorded vulnerabilities and evidence of proactive mitigation
  • Information Security indicators across the Kurtosys platform
  • Analysis of web traffic and threat management information
  • Access to more security information and evidence of security systems for regulatory reporting

Measuring Security Status and Trends in Your Digital Presence

Our ISOC team will provide your organisation with additional information to:

  • Improve your decision making and supplier assessments
  • Reduce involvement and intervention based on greater transparency