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Kurtosys makes creating your new investor portal quick and easy. Create interactive investment dashboards, share privileged documents, surface gated insights, and expose your clients to sustainability related data. Integrate your portal into your existing ecosystem of digital tools such as Salesforce and Azure AD.

SALI Fund Services

“We are delighted to have strengthened our partnership with Kurtosys and to reinforce SALI’s commitment to providing market participants with a centralized resource for all IDF information. We are confident users will appreciate the increased functionality of the enhanced portal and are excited about the further expansion of this offering in the coming months."


Cameron Vail

Chief Operating Officer at SALI

Land and expand

Like you, your investor’s time is precious. Put everything at their fingertips with your portal dashboard, granting access to their mandates, thought leadership, and other key information.

Kapital Portfolio Dashboard sample


The structure of your portal is completely customizable, and its navigation can reflect its precise structure

Client summary

Give investors an overall view of their mandates, including key data such as performance and ESG scores.

Portfolio explorer

Explore and drill down into specific investment mandates. Filter, favourite, and search.


Combine thought leadership, video, and audio together with investment information to maximize brand exposure.


Allow clients to view content and reporting in their primary language, complete with local formatting.

User profile

Allow clients to manage their profile, reset password, and control two factor authentication settings.

Global search

Put everything in your portal within reach: documents, portfolios, reports, and other content.

Key contacts

Ensure clients can easily find help or support when they need you.

Portfolio reporting

Drilling deeper into a portfolio can reveal a world of interactive reporting for your clients, including performance, risk, holdings, transactions, and sustainability related data.

Kapital Asset Management - Portfolio Performance sample

Key reports

Give quick access to dynamic print on-demand reports. Customize, download, and subscribe.


Bring client data to life with Kurtosys Studio interactive data visualizations.

Report sections

Structure interactive reports into different sections to assist in navigation

Tab groups

Combine thought leadership, video, and audio together with investment information to maximize brand exposure.

Report navigation

Create overarching report sections to collate like data.

Time selectors

Allow clients to explore historical data with configurable time selectors.

Data export

Export any and all data to structured data formats such as CSV.

Tabular reporting

Configure interactive tables, including aggregation, summation, and other advaned features.


Expose ESG data at portfolio and issuer level. Allow clients access to engagement information and other non-public datasets.

Investor Portals 1

ESG benchmarking

Illustrate portfolio positioning vs chosen benchmarks in terms of key ESG factors.


Expose key disclosures in line with popovers or as footnotes. Manage everything centrally using Kurtosys Data

ESG metrics

Dive deeper and expose aggregate ESG metrics such as carbon intensity, water use, and more.

Issuer level analysis

Drill down into issuer level data, showcasing aggregate scores or deeper information in separate dashboards, including engagement and risk.

Sustainability scoring

Simplify understanding of ESG impact with use of overall scoring, either proprietary or vendor managed

Time selectors

Allow clients to explore historical data with configurable time selectors.

Data export

Export any and all data to structured data formats such as CSV.

Heat maps

Simplify complex relationships between position size and ESG risk with heatmaps.

Reporting and documents

Digitize your reporting process. Allow clients to self-serve and build their own reports from pre-defined digital templates. Provide historical access to their report library with full search.

Kapital Asset Management - Reporting Templates sample

Dynamic reports

Configure print on-demand reports for your clients to run.

Report config

Allow clients to schedule, subscribe, and tailor reports to their own needs.

Reports library

Share other materials with clients in any format. Employ entitlement to ensure only the correct documents are viewed.


Search for documents across the entire library. Leverage meta data based and typeahead search.

Bulk download and previews

Download documents in bulk or click to preview in the browser.

Scheduled reports

Review previously scheduled reports, edit configurations, and view prior copies.

Saved search

Enable clients to retrieve documents quickly with saved search.

Bring your portal to life

Kurtosys provides everything required to create and customize your client portal, from hosting to visualization and ongoing management.


Granting your clients access to real-time data via your portal requires orchestration. Kurtosys Data allows you to integrate all of your data sources into one concordant whole, enriching it along the way with formatting, disclaimers, translations, and more.

Data management
Investor Portals 2


Ensure data security by leveraging Kurtosys Data entitlement to assign users to data sets and documents. Group accounts and portfolios together with users or link directly. Define custom document entitlement schemes based on meta data to simplify the ongoing management of entitlement. Control entitlement directly within Kurtosys or Salesforce, or alternatively integrate your own system of record via our APIs and keep user access synchronized periodically or during login using SAML2.0 assertions.


Bring your client data to life in a branded, compliant way with Kurtosys Studio visualizations, wrapped in the security of a Kurtosys DXM Communities portal. Configure and create visually with Studio before leveraging the DXM page builder to craft custom user journeys for your clients.

Kurtosys Studio Configuration Sample
Kurtosys Data - Data Entitlement Settings - sample


Manage everything about your portal directly from within Kurtosys. Setup new users and manage the ongoing user lifecycle. Define custom security policies, enable advanced authentication features, and monitor system access. Integrate with external identity management platforms via SAML2.0. Make ongoing updates to your portal and deploy with confidence with multiple development environments.


Track and optimize use of your portal with integrated user analytics. Uncover hidden client insights and integrate them into your overall analytics strategy. Extract activity information via REST API and collate in your existing BI frameworks, such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Kurtosys Documents - Document Production Issue Table sample


Thanks to our integrated page builder, your portal can be customized infinitely. Build role- specific user journeys, incorporate thought leadership and video, update dashboards with new visualizations, or simply incorporate a new brand element.

Kapital Asset Management - Portfolio Dashboard sample

Configure once. Reuse everywhere.

Meet Studio. Build reporting components that can be reused across all your reports and digital experiences, from PDFs to PowerPoints and from Sites to Portals and beyond.

Kurtosys Studio - Configuration Sample - Illustration


Choose from a library of hundreds of pre-configured reporting components to build your library from.


Integrate your own data seamlessly via Kurtosys Data or connect to your own REST APIs.


Customize your components to add your own business rules. Work visually or leverage our JSON based DSL.

Styling & theming

Leverage a consistent set of brand guidelines across your components. Change styles once and re-apply globally.

Live preview

Visualize component changes in real-time across multiple layouts and device types.

Publishing workflow

Publish changes, track audit history, and leverage multiple development versions to manage your publishing process.


Kurtosys Data allows you to collate all of your reporting data in one place. From here you can enrich it with translations, formatting rules, disclaimers, and other business logic, before using it in your reports and experiences.

Kurtosys Data - Data Management sample

Data hub

Review all your data pre publication and check for quality. Manage manual data sets.


A library of your regulatory and product content, linked to your products and ranges, complete with audit and workflow.


Localize content automatically and manage your translation memory within our app.


Define the registered for sale key for your products. Leverage this to automatically drive document workflows or product listings on your site.

Data dictionary

Customize our data model according to your specfiic needs. Add new data sets, customize labels and formatting rules.

Data entities

Report upon data across your entire estate, from share classes to client portfolios.

Add & edit

Publish changes, track audit history, and leverage multiple development versions to manage your publishing process.

Publishing workflow

Publish changes, track audit history, and leverage multiple development versions to manage your publishing process.

A component for every need

Our Studio component library is vast and accommodates a wide range of data display needs for asset managers. From straightforward period performance charts to interactive ESG rating explorers, the Studio library takes care of them all.

Investor Portals 3
Limitless integration possibilities - code sample

Limitless integration possibilities

The entire Kurtosys platform is based on a set of easy-to-use REST APIs. Integrating data for use in our tools is as simple as incorporating it into other cloud-enabled reporting systems such as PowerBI and Tableau. In addition, our professional services team is always on hand to assist if you need a little extra help loading your data.

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