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Communities transform Kurtosys DXM websites into secure online portals, complete with cutting edge infosec and user experience features. Hierarchical layering of access is available allowing particular users access to areas or specific pages of sites based on roles or individual usernames.

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Secure login experience

Our Authentication Apps provide users with a full end-to-end secure login experience. You control the level of security your portal needs with custom password settings, session timeouts, assurance messaging and images, and two-factor authentication.
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Single sign-on compatibility

Login with ease and create an additional layer of security by integrating your login experience with industry leading CRM tools such as Salesforce, Azure and Okta/Auth0.

Private and fully integrated data and documents

Create private access to data, documents and other content types by configuring entitlements and creating customized roles.
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Profile self-management

Give your clients control of their personal information with the User Profile Application. Change name, email address, reset password and manage authentication security features like Assurances and Two Factor Authentication. The Communities feature set is all about creating portals. The profile self-management areas are unique to the end user and under their own control.

Seamless user experience between public and portal sites

Our portal solutions leverage the same suite of modules available for both private and public digital experiences allowing you to create a consistent user experience throughout your site.
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Custom portals

A custom-styled and designed secure gated website for accessing confidential data and documents.

Authentication app

An authentication app will typically act as your login screen, when you are going into a portal. However, it is much more than just a “login”, it includes tons of functionality. For example, workflow and notification emails such as username request and passport reset are all included.
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System administration

This module allows, dependent on their rights, particular users to manage and administer to user, authorization, settings etc.


Assurance prevents unknown users from taking control of your landing page and ensures that landing pages stay secure with the active assurance feature.
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Two-factor authentication

Users can switch on two-factor authentication for security purposes. If activated, on initial login the client will receive a prompt to set this up.

User context and profile apps

The profile app reminds users whose profile they are accessing and logout if necessary. Impersonation is an important feature for assistance with entitlements and problem-solving.
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User profiles

User profiles are customizable both from the client and user’s side.


The impersonation feature allows you to view the entire app or portal as the user. For safety reasons, users are notified immediately via email if they are being impersonated. Once tasks have been completed, another email is sent to the user confirming that impersonation has stopped.
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There are two types of entitlements, data and document entitlements.

Data entitlements: These allow you to view data from a specific fund/share class/account. The user can only see data from very specific funds that they have been provided access to.

Document entitlements: Users with specific access based on jurisdiction or investor type will be able to view documents specific to their needs.

Content restrictions by role

Content restrictions on sites allow clients to dictate which documents users are allowed to view. If users without access try to click on a link that they do not have correct access to, they will be redirected.
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