ESG reporting for investment managers

ESG focused web and print components to help managers accelerate client reporting through new ESG and regulatory changes.

ESG Reporting
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"It is encouraging to see how Richard and Columbia Threadneedle are bringing a fresher, clearer approach to transparency and investor education in their value assessment. This is the right direction for the industry and shows the power and potential of digital technologies."

Mash Patel

Mash Patel

Founder of Kurtosys


Kurtosys allows you to easily and automatically include ESG data on your website and in your key documents to drive more sales and better compliance. Through these tools, you can manage your ESG data display quickly and seamlessly, improving reporting and ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our platform can also help you provide investors with the ESG information they need quickly, leading to better user experiences and longer lasting client relationships.


Data integrity is often the biggest hurdle to overcome when creating new content. The Kurtosys data solution enables you to integrate all your data sources into one concordant whole, enriching it along the way with formatting, disclaimers, translations and more. Easily customizable for your reporting book of records across funds, clients and other data types.

Kurtosys Data Management
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Bringing your data to life in a branded, compliant way is one of the biggest challenges of factsheets. Kurtosys Studio allows you to create a library of your own components that can be deployed across all your reports, leveraging a consistent set of business rules, disclosures, and other styles. When changes are required or new data is available, your entire set of materials can be updated in a flash. Studio components can also be embedded into your digital surfaces as well as your documents, allowing for 360-degree consistency.


There is no need to learn a new design system - the Kurtosys Studio solution links directly into the tools you use today: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and for Digital Print on Demand – WordPress. The entire range of reporting components are available to be embedded into your existing templates, enabling them to be automatically refreshed with new data every reporting cycle at the touch of a button.

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Kurtosys Document Production Center


Clients expect more reports, almost real-time, more often than ever. Our powerful product center leverages your templates to automatically refresh even thousands of documents in minutes, while overlaying your own internal approval steps and evidencing your sign off or exception processes. In addition, any document you produce in our system is automatically retained for a minimum of ten years.

Case studies

Kurtosys powers transformation. Find out more about how we’ve helped firms like yours.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments

The success of this project has marked an important milestone in our program of transformation. Working together effectively has helped us to deliver marketing materials into our distribution ecosystem through a scalable and robust model.

About us

Kurtosys provides a range of technology solutions to asset managers, creating efficiency within their distribution teams, empowering marketers, and facilitating stronger relationships with investors. Through our unique, cloud-based platform we provide all the tools required to build engaging investor websites and portals, automate sales collateral, and distribute critical reporting to clients.

The Kurtosys platform replaces many of the traditional point-solutions used across sales and marketing, allowing a single, golden source of data to be used across everything from client presentations to fund centres and beyond. This lowers compliance risk, reduces integration costs, and increases the ability of the firm to meet the ever-increasing challenges posed by investors, regulators, and competitors.

Founded in 2002, Kurtosys operates across three global offices with a fourth office planned in Luxembourg this year. Underpinned by global ISO-27001 certification in information security management, the Kurtosys team has a deep understanding of working at scale with data, information design, industry regulations and compliance issues.