Transform your investment reporting with Kurtosys Studio for Office

For investment managers, automating content that is compliant and data-rich across various business functions can be challenging with traditional solutions. Kurtosys offers a seamless way to streamline this process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy, thus negating the need for skilled layout specialists to create sales decks or client reports 

Kurtosys Studio for Office

You can easily connect your investment data no matter where it lives, directly through our API’s or cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake. Our platform provides a comprehensive set of data tools to manage disclaimers, perform calculations, and validate data, ensuring consistency and reliability with reporting templates that use the tools within the Microsoft Office suite that you’re already familiar with. 

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Throughout the entire investor lifecycle, Kurtosys helps you create memorable experiences for your clients by revolutionising your content automation and ensuring that the process is always efficient, accurate and impactful.  

Configure once. Reuse everywhere.

Transform your investment reporting with Kurtosys Studio for Office 2Drag and drop pre-created reporting elements from our Studio for Office add-in and then automatically refresh the creation of content using our workflow module. Finished templates can be uploaded from Word to the Kurtosys App, ready for automation.Studio for Officecan be downloaded from the Microsoft Office app store, right from within PowerPoint or Word.