Sales meets compliance: Introducing the seamless solution from Kurtosys 

“Oh, compliance – some might call it the sales prevention department,” my boss remarked once during my tenure at an asset manager. He believed that compliance would dilute any innovative sales ideas.

As a national accounts salesperson, I struggled with finding the most updated charts, graphs, and tables to present in my meetings. There were so many different sources of data, and everyone on my team was doing different things. I wasted lots of time taking “snapshots” of charts from the website and marketing materials. Not only were the images blurry, but sometimes the information wasn’t what I truly intended to present.

And for my compliance colleagues, this was a source of concern. And no, they were not trying to prevent us from selling—they simply wanted to ensure the integrity of the data and that we provided the appropriate context.

Fortunately, these challenges can be solved by technology, and improving these issues is one of the reasons we built Kurtosys.

Imagine having tools that seamlessly update data in your sales pitchbooks as soon as it changes.

Kurtosys Studio for OfficeAt Kurtosys, we offer Studio for Office. This allows you to directly integrate content – like charts and graphs – generated on your website or from your data warehouse into client presentations. With this system, when information is updated, the presentation automatically reflects the latest data with the proper disclosures. 

Gone are the days of salespeople tediously copying and pasting blurry graphs into client presentations. Now, compliance can be confident that proper disclosures are never overlooked. 

Now sales and compliance can be on the same page! Maybe we can get dogs and cats to get along (one could hope!).

Configure Once. Reuse Everywhere. 

Meet Studio. Build reporting components that can be reused across all your reports and digital experiences, from PDFs to PowerPoints and from sites to portals and beyond. 

Simplify and reduce the effort required to create monthly commentaries and other ad-hoc documents that intersect with product data. Drag and drop pre-created reporting elements from our Studio for Office add-in and then automatically refresh the creation of content using our workflow module. Finished templates can be uploaded from Word to the Kurtosys App, ready for automation. Studio for Office can be downloaded from the Microsoft Office app store, right from within PowerPoint or Word.

Kurtosys Studio for Office