Streamlining reporting automation with Kurtosys Studio for InDesign 

It’s no secret that reporting and distribution teams are faced with significant challenges when creating client reports, fund factsheets, disclosure documents, pitchbooks and more, that require high-quality design and precision that is consistent with your brand guidelines. 

Kurtosys Studio for InDesign effortlessly leverages the power and flexibility of Adobe InDesign to streamline report creation and distribution, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy. Adobe InDesign is very popular with reporting teams as it offers superior design and layout precision, making it ideal for creating professional, high quality reports.

Streamlining reporting automation with Kurtosys Studio for InDesign  1

The robust workflow features of Kurtosys Studio for InDesign ensure a smooth review and approval process at every stage. By integrating investment data through API’s or directly into cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, your data can be seamlessly incorporated into your reports. Our Studio range of integrations offers a host of digital and print focused UX and charting elements ranging from simple to sophisticated, depending on your needs.

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With Kurtosys Studio for InDesign, you can scale your report production and transform your reporting workflow and create polished, data-driven reports in bulk. The high print quality of Adobe InDesign makes it an excellent choice for creating materials.

Configure once. Reuse everywhere.

Streamlining reporting automation with Kurtosys Studio for InDesign  2Drag and drop pre-created reporting elements from our Studio for InDesign add-in and then automatically refresh the creation of content using our workflow module. Finished templates can be uploaded from InDesign to the Kurtosys App, ready for automation.