Part I: Audience Questions From Our Fund Websites Webinar

As promised in our follow-up post to our last webinar about taking back control of your investment management website, we wanted to answer the questions we were unable to address due to time constraints. They were thoughtful and common inquiries; we’d be remiss not to share them!

In the first post of our two part series, here are five unanswered questions around themes such as fund data, workflow and WordPress plugins.

#1 How long would it take to get a typical investment website up and running with simple content and some interactive tools?

Eight weeks is our usual lead-time for getting a website designed, developed and completed. The amount of time it takes to finish is entirely dependent on the amount of pages and data involved. For instance, smaller brochure sites have a much faster turnaround.

#2 Where do the fund widgets get their data? Do they live in the WordPress database?

The fund data does not sit in the WordPress database.  WordPress pulls the data from our Unified Data Model (UDM), which serves as a central secure repository for each client’s fund data.  The UDM pulls in data feeds from providers such as Morningstar and Lipper as well as custom loaded fund data from the client.

#3 How does the platform handle the workflow of publication of content?

Within our WordPress stack for asset managers, we have developed a number of workflows that can be easily tweaked and adjusted to meet specific organizational nuances or simply be used out the box to institute more standard working practices.

#4 Which workflow plugin you would recommend?

We recommend Oasis Workflow for a good solution that had an intuitive visual interface for automating and managing editorial workflows.

#5 How do marketing automation platforms and social media networks integrate with WordPress?

We use standardised plugins for all major CRMs and MA systems, including Salesforce, Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo and more.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the questions — all about security — in part two of our Q&A series. In the meantime, if you’ve missed it, watch the fund websites webinar on demand:
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