Our APIs connect the dots for marketers in financial institutions

Put Kurtosys at the heart of your digital ecosystem. Our APIs connect with your CRM or Marketing Automation platform, and our partnerships with Morningstar and Lipper ensure the latest fund and market data.

Kurtosys Platform

High Performance

The platform utilizes an ingestion-tuned schema for high data insertion rates which replicates to a run-time query based coherent cache. This layer is a sharded, distributed, in memory query system with most rates in tens or hundreds of milliseconds. Scaling is accomplished by CPU cores and memory.

  • Allows type-ahead performance to be implemented by applications
  • Applications can take advantage of blazing fast rendering due to rapid data retrieval
  • Speed is realized in Kurtosys APIs designed to work with asynchronous data requests (e.g. AJAX) either from the browser or server side integrations like Node.js or PhantomJS
Platform performance
Platform security


Security is provided at all layers of the platform. Our security processes and management align to our global ISO-27001 certification. Our security stack is based on Duo two-factor authentication integrated with OpenAM.

  • Provides secure transmission of data via encrypted transfers (SFTP/HTTPS)
  • Uses private encryption keys for each client to ensure secure storage of data at rest
  • Two-factor authentication with passive fingerprinting is used to identify unrecognized devices for administration or general web site access
  • Offers Single Sign On via SAML 2.0
  • Manages vulnerability via frequent security scans and penetration testing


The flexibility of our platform enables the platform to grow with you. As you add data, it seamlessly integrates with existing data so that you can easily add depth and nuance to existing content, plus you can easily entitle different users as the system grows to tightly control access. Finally, our cloud-based infrastructure enables you to bring additional servers online quickly as your audience grows.

  • Seamlessly integrates third-party “plumbing” provided by Morningstar, Lipper and other sources
  • Automatically scales using state of the art infrastructure provisioning
  • Integrates Akamai CDN for high availability and performance
Platform scalability
Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Kurtosys has a Disaster Recovery failover process that involves replication and DNS redirection to a Data Center in a different region, ensuring business continuity for global clients.  All components use high availability techniques, such as multiple servers, load balancing and distributed systems.

  • The Platform makes use of three availability zones in AWS
  • Data availability uses SQL Server AlwaysOn technology, resulting in no single point of failure
  • Shares MySQL in each Availability Zone for the RDS and a clustered file system for WordPress content
  • Data is replicated to SQL Servers in other sites, while respecting Data Jurisdictional issues
  • Stores objects in AWS S3 or Open Stack SWIFT, with data written to multiple disks simultaneously


For those clients who want to extend the reach of their programs with ‘clean’ data, Kurtosys supplies secure, entitled API access to our platform. Clients can access the common data repository to develop new web components or drive other dynamic content, with data consistent across all channels. All APIs utilize REST with JSON responses.

  • Provides a fully entitled distribution interface
  • Metadata-driven content ensures accuracy and automatic updating
  • Seamlessly connects with a range of partners, including Morningstar, Lipper and FundInfo.com
  • Extensive use of Kurtosys APIs drives dynamic fund tools and literature libraries in product pages

API Reference

Platform API
Bank-Grade Security


Our security processes and management align to our global ISO-27001 certification.

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Strategic Enterprise Monitoring

A proactive, dynamic monitoring strategy that reveals issues as they happen.

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Secure Sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-on

Improve UX by connecting multiple web applications together.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Kurtosys has partnered with Akamai, a world class provider of content delivery networks.

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DDoS Mitigation


Simple and effective solutions to mitigate the growing threat of DoS and DDoS attacks.

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Website Change Audit Recording

Website Change Audit Recording

Comply with SEC rules by preserving an audit trail of all website changes.

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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication

Stop front door attacks by using a layered defense to website logins.

CRM/MA integration


Connect your fund data with Salesforce or Marketing Automation platforms.