How to manage fund entitlements using segmentation lists

FundPress allows you to control the fund or share class data that can be shown to different investor groups on your website. You can set up customized rules for what funds should be available for each investor type, for example you could set an entitled group for just UK institutional investors. These rules are referred to as segmentation lists. You can set these up in the ‘Segmentation’ tab of FundPress, on the left-hand toolbar within Data Hub.
All Segmentation Lists are displayed in this main page, with a description, their assigned investor type, as well as the types of funds that certain audiences will be able to view. Once these segmentation lists have been set up, they will be mapped automatically to all of your digital properties and will go live with immediate effect.
Here is how to create a segmentation list:

  • Press the plus button
  • Assign a name to the list. If it was a list suited to French Advisory investors, for instance, the name would be styled as ‘FR Advisor’
  • A straightforward description can then be added (the example given here being ‘Eligible funds for this investor segment’)
  • Multiple funds or share classes pertaining to the eligible investor type can then be selected from a given list
  • These will be grouped together in the ‘funds’ section, and can be viewed by hovering over the ‘linked items’ icon
  • Certain funds or share classes can be deleted from this grouped list by clicking the appropriate ‘x’ button, and more added if they later become suitable for viewing by particular investor audiences
  • Once saved, all of this information will appear in the overview page

User-created segmentation lists make it simple to designate viewing allowances for certain types of funds to different investor types. All changes are made in real time, so your lists will execute immediately within your digital properties, akin to the management of translations.
Visit the FundPress page for more information and to request a demo.