The FundPress platform allows digital marketers to create engaging and compliant product experiences, launch highly secure websites, and manage their document and data processes - all from one application.

Digital Tools Data Orchestration Digital Factsheets

Intuitive Fund Data Hub

Get a bird’s-eye view of all your fund data in one aggregated dashboard and easily create custom dashboards using widgets across all of your fund marketing activity.


Orchestrate Web Content

FundPress offers ultra fast and ultra secure hosting of the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress – but tailored for the specific needs of financial services businesses.


Amazing Fund Tools

Amazing product experiences and data visualizations, completely configurable to ensure correct and compliant display of key data points and disclosures.

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The Only Digital Experience Platform You'll Ever Need

One Complete Platform

Content, Data, Documents, Websites and Compliance - all under one roof and all connected in the way they should be.

Blazingly Fast

FundPress uses in-memory caching, Akamai CDN and the power of the cloud to bring your sites to life at the speed of thought.

Bank-Grade Secure

DDoS protection, intrusion monitoring and ISO 27001 certification means we protect your data at all layers of the FundPress platform.


World-Class Features for Fund Data Management & Marketing

Data Hub

A one stop shop for all your fund data storage and dissemination needs. View all your fund data in one aggregated dashboard.

Fund Data Tools

Amazing product experiences and data visualizations, completely configurable to ensure correct and compliant displays of data.

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Healthchecks & Data Workflows

Create validation rules in the Data Healthcheck to highlight fund data issues before they go live on your website and documents.

Translation & Localization

Manage your entire library of localized content, and for customers of DFS, request and receive translations directly from within FundPress.

Document Hub

Your fund literature library, wired straight into the web, piped securely to your partners, or plumbed into your portals.

Document Generation

Digital documents that update in real-time, or can be mass generated at the click of a button. Factsheets, KIIDS, PRIPS and more.

Disclaimer & Commentaries Management

FundPress makes authoring, publishing and managing your fund commentaries and disclaimers a streamlined exercise, with the workflow centralized all in one place.


Drive your native app, calculate key risk metrics in real-time, or even connect your internal systems directly to FundPress to ensure the most up-to-date data is always available for your investors.

Office Plugin

Whether you're looking to automate a sales presentation or simply put the right data in your team's hands, our office plugin can connect the dots and bring your documents to life.

Page Snapshots

The Snapshots feature can assist with compliance and regulation such as MiFID II, as it records versions of all of your fund product pages with the ability download the HTML or PDF versions.

Data Editing

Our data editing feature allows you to directly edit data across all of your key properties within FundPress, from fund administrator names to benchmark codes.

Watch how FundPress can orchestrate your fund data


Document Distribution

Using Kurtosys to store, manage & distribute all your financial documents

Alexandra Filippova on January 22, 2018

A short walkthrough of how the Kurtosys platform manages and distributes financial documents for asset managers, using metadata.

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Kurtosys Platform

Introducing Snapshots, a new compliance feature in Kurtosys

Alexandra Filippova on November 09, 2017

Kurtosys users are now able to comply with aspects of record-keeping regulations (such as MiFID II), by saving ‘snapshots’ of their web pages.

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See all of your fund data in one aggregated view

Lily Nathanson on March 21, 2017

FundPress’ ‘Fund Data Management’ tab makes viewing all of your fund and share class information in one place possible with high functionality.

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