Distribute Your Marketing Documents: New Channels are Emerging

At Kurtosys, our customers are typically asset managers.  We focus on providing them with digital tools to enhance fund marketability.  We provide a client service as opposed to a market service.

That makes distribution a paramount concern.  If we can improve the distribution of our customers’ fund documents, we can directly enhance their efficiency when it comes to information dissemination and directly help them acquire new assets.  After all, the faster something gets into the hands of a distributor, the faster it starts attracting assets and the larger the opportunity to grow our customers’ business becomes.

So how can we help solve distribution problems?

One key way is to constantly help you find and service “new channels”.  Just as new TV channels constantly pop up on your cable box, new distribution channels are constantly emerging and changing the game when it comes to sharing fund information.

Take FundInfo.com as an example, a European based organization which has recently emerged as a primary repository and disseminator of fund information – covering everything from static data through to all forms of marketing documents including prospectuses, fact sheets, KiiDs, annual and quarterly accounts.

Why does FundInfo.com matter?  Well, like all market led propositions, it’s all about inertia and momentum.  Google, Facebook and Twitter are household names because most people use them or have friends who use them.

In the fund world, FundInfo.com is set to emulate Google or Facebook’s domination. It’s emerging as one of a number of potential winners in the battle to provide a desperately needed market service that provides up to date fund document dissemination for consumption by distributors and retailers.

Given our commitment to solve the document dissemination “problem” for Kurtosys clients, we’re pleased to announce that we now offer our customers an audited process for disseminating their documents to, amongst many others, FundInfo.com.

Over the coming years, as the European fund industry (and the rest of the world for that matter) continues to evolve, fund passporting has become a key technical strategy for distribution.  Services like Fundinfo will become the “go to” channels for quality documentation dissemination.

We are pleased to be part of this movement, and pleased to be of assistance to our customers in smoothly making these emerging channels both manageable and profitable.