Old vs New Ways to Create a Fund Fact Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

7  comparisons between the old and new methods of fund fact sheet production

In the battle to win the hearts and minds of investors, what is your fund marketing department doing to win them over? Let’s start with fund fact sheet creation. Are you still doing it the old way by using  Excel, manually inserting data, and going back and forth to Operations in a desperate attempt to complete the factsheet “run?” Or have you discovered the new method of automating your fund fact sheet production, benefiting from smoother processes and improved accuracy?

In a series of rounds, our infographic below pits the old against the new ways of creating a fund fact sheet. So what comes out on top?

Old vs New Ways to Create a Fund Fact Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC] 1

The result

The clear winner is the new method, just how we do it at Kurtosys. So if you’re still applying the old way then find out how you can stop pointless administration by automating fact sheet production with our team of experts.