Cloud services become vital to work from home effort

The asset management industry is pulling together during the Covid-19 outbreak to make sure workers are protected and customers keep receiving great service.

Kurtosys is joining the communal effort and doing everything we can to help firms ensure continuity, while still building growth and efficiency.

As huge numbers of employees start working from home (WFH), cloud infrastructures and services will be essential for maintaining resilient services.

Without the latest cloud tools – which include infrastructure and platform as a service (Iaas and PaaS) – the experience of staff and customers during the Covid-19 pandemic would be very different.

A fully-integrated cloud platform such as Kurtosys’ DXM PaaS will allow you to run your website or portal securely, letting you focus on building and maintaining great client experiences, even while staff work remotely.

Our PaaS is supported by the most robust Iaas frameworks, enabling asset managers to shift to largescale WFH with minimum disruption. It enables flexible scaling of remote technology in a way that was unthinkable five years ago.

Cloud explosion

The explosion in cloud services is supporting people across sectors during the Covid-19 outbreak. A great example is remote conferencing services such as Zoom.

Zoom has suspended limits on free accounts for teachers and students, so they can work and collaborate remotely in the cloud for free. They can do it all without downloading software, scaling infrastructure, or having to call corporate IT to figure out how to use it.

Zoom uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), a powerful Iaas, which allows horizontal scaling – adding servers to meet your needs – automatically or via a console application.

Without such powerful Iaas, sizing and setting up the necessary servers to the number of users would have been almost impossible – not to mention the hassle of user documentation, training, and managing corporate IDs.

Iaas services are instant computing infrastructures, provided and managed over the internet. With a robust Iaas, your entire company can have as many servers as you need, providing local processing wherever users live, in a few clicks. Companies like AWS have data centers across the planet enabling this.

Any asset managers that do not have Iaas and still use on-premises data centers have been working hard to make the transition to WFH.

Many had plans to transition to the cloud in various stages of completion and were worrying about the details involved. The urgency of the Covid-19 crisis has forced them to accelerate those plans as much as possible.

They need extra computing power to service a WFH workforce quickly without purchasing and installing servers. Without Iaas, that would take months of effort.

Focus on serving customers

Kurtosys’ has a powerful cloud platform that has been helping asset managers side-step many of these issues.

We use data centers provided by AWS and Rackspace, and they are our close partners. These providers are well on top of business continuity, and able to deal with such issues as worker shortages.

They use recovery data centers managed with remote software. The huge scale they can provide allows customers to punch far above their weight in business continuity and reaction to largescale issues.

These partnerships mean that Kurtosys has no corporate servers, no private data centers, and no infrastructure for which we are directly responsible.

Those companies not on platforms such as AWS and Rackspace are expending tremendous energy and resources just to keep operating without risks and issues.

Our PaaS offering has not slowed a beat.

Kurtosys PaaS can help

During the pandemic, asset managers need to focus on maintaining service to customers, while also building growth and efficiencies. They do not want to worry about infrastructure issues such as whether the supply chain for disk drives has been compromised.

Kurtosys DXM PaaS provides all the rock-solid performance, reliability, and security of our DXM without any of the infrastructure worry.

It further slashes time to value for our DXM customers because of the ready-made infrastructure; and the efficiencies of the cloud boost the huge savings they already enjoy.

With integrated cloud security and compliance, our DXM PaaS further lowers the chances of a costly breach, which is crucial at this time of heightened threat from cyber-attack.

The platform allows you to generate new sites in seconds, automatically scaling your business according to changing needs.

Most importantly, our PaaS helps your staff stay safe and productive, continuing to provide clients great service while also building growth and efficiency.