[Webinar] Take Back Control of Your Investment Management Website

In our most recent webinar, @GerrittGraham and @paulfaw from Kurtosys revealed how marketers can take back the reigns of their investment management websites with the help of WordPress. Gerritt kicked off the webinar with addressing the pain points we hear most often, like how difficult it is for firms to create multiple websites and the weight of compliance and security requirements on financial marketers. Engagement from the audience picked up when we began explaining why WordPress, with its user-friendly features and functions, is the solution to these common challenges.
Listeners asked questions that were typically around issues of implementation speed, plugin security and fund data. Before we knew it, we ran out of time and didn’t get the chance to answer all of the questions. Watch this space over the next few weeks and our team will tackle these questions.
For those who missed the live webinar, don’t sweat it! We’ve made it easy for you to get up to date.
Check out the replay of our investment management discussion and demo: