The Unstoppable Growth of ETFs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just a decade ago, exchange traded funds assets under management totaled $230 billion in the United States. Now, ETFs, the little three letter acronym, has a not-so-little total of $2 trillion AUM. Industry experts are excited for the market growth opportunities and firms worldwide are hard at work developing ETF strategies.  At this rate, the growth of ETFs seems unstoppable — 78% of firms forecast growth to reach at least $5 trillion by 2020.

You might remember that last year we created an original infographic around the data on ETF trends from the 2014 Investment Company Institutes Fact Book. The numbers have changed since then. To show the fast growth of ETFs, we’ve updated that infographic with new data from the recently released 2015 ICI Fact Book.The Unstoppable Growth of ETFs [INFOGRAPHIC] 1