The Changing Face of Investment Management

The evolving future of asset management

The papers below examine the changing face of investment management, both from an Asset Owner and an Asset Manager perspective. Leading investment consultants, bfinance, report on how asset owners are addressing the challenges they encounter in 2018, while CFA Institute examines the investment marketplace from an Asset Manager perspective.

In their interactive report ‘Investment Firm of the Future,’ CFA Institute details the 5 facets of an asset management firm and the disruptive forces that are affecting each part of the organization. Advancements in fintech may lead to entirely new business models, similar to the way that new analysis and trading platforms have compressed spreads and increased liquidity in the corporate bond market.

Asset Owner Survey: Innovations in Implementation (bfinance, 2018)
bfinance’s 2018 Asset Owner Survey provides insight about key challenges faced by global asset owners, including themes such as diversification, ESG, smart beta, and the emergence of new asset classes.

How technology will revolutionize asset management (AB, 2018)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in North America and South America)
New platforms and AI are changing the way fixed income trades are analyzed and executed, leading to lower transaction costs and increased liquidity in an industry that has been ripe for technological innovation.

Investment Firm of the Future (CFA Institute, Sep 2018)
CFA Institute’s interactive, web-based report details issues that are set to materially affect the landscape of the investment management industry over the next decade and beyond.

Industry 4.0: Ghosts of disruption past, present and future (Invesco, 2018)
IR 4.0 may involve radical changes to global economics due to the ability of technological advances such as AI and automation to supplant ‘labour’ with ‘capital.’

The Industry 4.0 Paradox and the Path to Digital Transformation (Deloitte, 2018)
Industry 4.0 combines AI, IoT, robotics, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, and other technologies to improve organizational efficiency and foster truly interconnected enterprises and better decision making.

The Asset Management Digital Marketing Survey 2018 (Kurtosys)
The results of this Kurtosys survey provide insight into digital marketing perspectives and trends within the asset management industry.

The A-G of trends in fintech (Robeco, Sep 2018)
Seven fintech trends of the last few years are identified in this paper, listed alphabetically from artificial intelligence to governance.

Cross-border Distribution is Key to Competition (KPMG, Jun 2018)
Although regulation has paved the way for the existence of cross-border distribution, it is not yet commonplace in Europe. While the EC focuses on removing barriers to competition, fund structures could benefit from standardization.

Driving Change: Diversity & Inclusion in Investment Management (CFA Institute, 2018)
Firm culture is becoming increasingly important when differentiating between asset management companies. Focusing on the ‘people model’ and championing diversity and inclusion can help to attract the best talent.

Changes and Opportunities in European Cross-Border Distribution (Deloitte, 2018)
Luxembourg and Ireland are regional hubs for cross-border distribution in Europe. What are the factors that have led to their success and that set them apart from other countries?

A Study on the Use of AI within GPIF’s Investment Management Practices (2018)
Through an examination of the manager selection process at the Government Pension Investment Fund, the authors show how artificial intelligence can improve business models within the asset management industry.

Technology and Operations Trends in the Wealth Management Industry (2018)
This 32-page report is derived from a survey of global wealth managers, and contains insight into fintech, functionality, and operations issues that are of current relevance to asset managers.

Understanding how AI is transforming the financial ecosystem (WEF, 2018)
In this study, the World Economic Forum looks at how AI is transforming the financial services industry and what the long-term implications might be for investment professionals.

The Pulse of Fintech 2018 (KPMG)
In this 57-page paper, KPMG reviews VC, PE, and M&A activity in the fintech sector across several global regions.