Savvy Investor’s top papers for Investment Marketing Professionals

The 10 most popular papers of the last quarter 

Savvy Investor has grown quickly since launch and is now the world’s leading platform for the distribution and promotion of white papers to institutional investors. Over 11,000 white papers are downloaded from the site each month – more than any other competing platform.

The Savvy research team has been taking a look at the papers most popular with investment marketers in recent months:

The Investment Management Digital Marketing Survey 2016 (Kurtosys Systems)
As investment managers continue their journey of digital transformation, the array of technology and digital touch points is increasing as marketers are pressured to increase sales and efficiency. In our third annual digital marketing survey, this year we have broadened the questions to include a wider spectrum of topics across digital marketing.

The Global Asset Management Industry 2016 (Boston Consulting Group)
This report by the Boston Consulting Group provides insights from a recent survey of nearly 140 leading fund managers representing over 55% of global industry AuM. It aims to give new insights into the state and outlook of the industry, specifically its main sources of profitability to help asset managers build a prosperous future.

The world’s 300 largest pension funds (Willis Towers Watson, 2016)
This comprehensive paper by Willis Towers Watson provides invaluable insights into the financial state of the largest 300 pension funds in the world. Total assets fell by over 3% in 2015 to a sum of US$14.8 trillion. Despite this first drop in assets, cumulative asset growth since then is almost 19%.

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution? (Deloitte, March 2016)
Fintech is proving to be an asset management industry game changer. This report seeks to describe the impact this recent phenomenon is having on the distribution model of the industry and the strategies to be adopted by incumbent players.

Best Practices in Meetings with Investment Consultants (Greenwich Associates, 2016)
Formal meetings with investment consulting firms can be make-or-break moments for asset managers. Strengthening relationships with consultants and ultimately winning a prized spot on their selective shortlists hinges on a manager’s performance in face-to-face formal meetings.

The Coming Pensions Crisis (Citi, 2016)
In this report, Citi examines the scale of the global pensions problem, and recommends a number of solutions. In particular, the authors identify the opportunities that this situation creates for corporate plan sponsors, asset managers and insurers.

Expected Returns 2017-2021: It’s Always Darkest Just Before Dawn (Robeco)
Sentiment among professional investors seems to have reached new lows. The authors of this paper by Robeco discuss in detail their expectations of a number of global market issues over the next five years.

JP Morgan Quarterly Guide To The Markets – Q4 2016
The JP Morgan quarterly “Guide to the Markets” is a bumper 80-page report, packed with charts and tables, illustrating global economic trends, and examining the key drivers of equity and fixed income markets for the period ahead. The accompanying “quarterly perspectives” report is a “guide to the guide”.

The Rise of Indices Is Changing the Face of Investing (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
This report by S&P Dow Jones takes an in-depth look at how indices are changing the face of investing. Specifically, it examines whether passive investing can grow too large and what the possible implications of this are for active management.

Wealth Management in the Digital Age (Capgemini, 2016)
The pace of digital change within the wealth management industry has been slow. Over the years, a number of excuses have been used for not moving forward. This paper seeks to dispel some of these myths. While the industry has started to move in the right direction, the pace is still far too slow.