Recommended Content: A Cutting-Edge Technique to Improve Fund Marketing [Series]

The range of digital marketing tools we have at our disposal is getting bigger every year. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the innovation that’s happening around us, and more specifically how these tools can play a part within a given industry such as investment management. In this four part series, we take a look at a cutting-edge digital marketing techniques that could be used in the fund management world and throw in some examples to help you picture it. In this third article, we take a look at the benefits of personalized, recommended content.

Recommended content is a simple way to personalize the content that’s served up to the end users on your website. Content recommendation tools help increase site engagement by catering the content to the interest of the site user, and in turn, guiding them through the buyer journey.

The platforms available have a variety of features. Some focus heavily on serving up content based on user behavior, while others offer simple tools for more targeted content to users with unique interest profiles. For example, downloading a white paper that is relevant to a blog article or product page. If your investment website contains regular news or articles, and you have an established readership base, these tools can help drive conversions.


  • Present content that’s relevant to your user to keep interest high and increase click through rates
  • Build up interest profiles for users and integrate with your sales data for a better picture of your end user
  • Increase conversions with more downloads of valuable content with simple, easy-to-implement tools

Content recommendation tools to consider

Fund Marketing Example

With this dynamic technique, fund marketers can provide the right content to the right prospect. For instance, providing news on fund performance to a prospective investor rather than offering up an article on regulation.

There are others ways to use content recommendation tools, too. Marketers can build up their firm’s monthly investment newsletter through a simple pop-up.
Recommended Content: A Cutting-Edge Technique to Improve Fund Marketing [Series] 1
Using recommended content platforms helps personalize your marketing efforts and brings you a little closer to your target audience. For more ways to sharpen your fund marketing efforts, read up on the other cutting-edge techniques we’ve covered in this series – marketing automation and website optimization and user tracking.