New Online Advisor Portal from JP Morgan Asset Management

A new online portal from JP Morgan Asset Management has just been released, adding another string to the brand’s digital bow just days after sister brand JP Morgan Chase won an award for social marketing excellence in financial services.

That award, from Brand New Media and Northwestern University, was based on a rigorous ranking of the top 60 firms in wealth management and insurance followed by a survey of over 100 senior financial marketers.

But rather than wowing marketers, the new portal (designed and powered by Kurtosys), has its sights set on helping advisors deliver first-class service whilst discussing the JPM Fusion Fund range.

Fund tools to drive client conversations

Creating content that helps drive client conversations is likely to mean that JPM are pushing on open doors when it comes to advisor engagement.  Advisors desperately need end-client tools to share market data, client reports and customized fund performance updates.  The online portal delivers all of this, with reports branded with the advisor’s own logos.

Building your brand, not ours

In this video explaining the online advisor portal, JPM explain to intermediaries: “we’re building your brand not ours”:

That’s a message that’s certain to prove popular within the advisor community and a sign that JPM genuinely “gets” digital social engagement.

Digital content that speaks to a genuine need

Whilst it can be tempting to fill social networks with self-serving content and marketing messages, JPM’s online advisor portal delivers tools that can actually help advisors to do their jobs better.

With research from Scorpio Partnership finding that the “majority of operators now openly acknowledge that they currently possess CRM systems that are not effectively linked to the client relationship process”[i] an opportunity to enhance client reporting will be very welcome indeed.

The 2012 Kurtosys Investor Survey found that client satisfaction hinges on the design and quality of reporting, interactive tools and mobile capability.

98% of investors said that it was vital to have access to well-designed, professionally built reports[ii] and through the use of this portal, advisors recommending the Fusion Fund range can deliver exactly that.

Designed to put clients in the picture

Created to “help advisors put their clients in the picture”, features of the JPM Fusion Fund advisor portal include:

  • Easy creation of bespoke reports in minutes, tailored to the clients’ current holdings
  • Options to create fund marketing material for prospective and existing clients, including:
    • Investment Strategy Builder for showing prospective clients which JPM Fusion Fund the advisor is recommending and why
    • Investment Review report for existing Fusion client review meetings
  • The display of up-to-the-minute market and fund commentary from the JPM Fusion Funds investment team
  • Co-branded reporting with the advisor’s logo
  • Options to add the advisor’s own commentary
  • A variety of reporting frequency options

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