New year, new Kurtosys: our global rebrand

We are excited to announce the launch of a rebranded Kurtosys which will usher in a new era for us and our customers in 2020.

Our brand has been enhanced to be more innovative and forward-thinking, with our new strapline: ‘Real growth. Realized.’ marking the company’s transition from transformation to growth. Our look and feel has also been updated to incorporate a modern blue, with accents of green indicating a move towards positive change.

The brand evolution reflects the pace with which we are changing the financial investments space, and geared to better service our valued customers. We have captured this through a brand new website, which you can see here: www.kurtosys.com.

Our website showcases the best solutions for asset managers, private wealth managers and those concerned with alternative investments. Additionally, Kurtosys can best assist by solving your business problems. Whether you are a marketer, sales leader, compliance leader, business leader or technology leader, our platform will benefit your business across various roles. You can also explore various product offerings in our digital experience platform: DXM, Documents, Studio, Data, and Communities

You can find the best of our resources: essential white papers, webinars, videos, podcasts and interviews and we will be rolling out the latest content here to empower you to drive powerful, fast investor experiences, at scale.

“Using our innovative digital experience platform and tools, our customers can accelerate these functions by automating critical business processes and create stand-out investor experiences that lead to lasting relationships with their customers. All while reducing risk with technology that ensures alignment with industry regulations and best practices” says CEO and Co-founder Mash Patel.

Kurtosys provides you with an end-to-end digital experience platform (DXP) that enables you to create, manage, publish and optimize all of your financial data, documents, websites and content in a secure, compliant environment. We are excited for the next wave of change.

Real growth. Realized.