4 Marketing Hacks for Asset Managers

The financial services industry is changing, firms are becoming more customer-centric, focusing on digital transformation and doing all they can to improve operational efficiency and do more with less. As a result, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive and marketers are feeling the pressure – having to bring in more leads while using as little resources as possible.   

As such, based on our over 15 years’ experience in financial services, we’ve compiled a list of four things you, as a financial marketer, can do to increase the efficiency of your department to create, manage and deliver better investor experiences, faster. 

1. Implement a system that allows you to launch new products and campaigns quickly

Launching new products and marketing campaigns has traditionally been a laborious process, with a lot of back and forth communication between departments and a heavy reliance on development resources. However, every day the launch of your new site or product is delayed is a day of potential lead generation and sales lost.   

This bottleneck can be eliminated by using self-serve software, which allows you to launch new sites and products more independently without having to write complex code or wait for a development team to do this for you. If you are able to build the pages for new products yourself you can get projects out much sooner and give your sales team more time to sell, ultimately increasing revenue.  

2. Enable channel marketers to create their own content

Leading on from the previous point, you don’t just want the ability to manage the building of new sites yourself, you also want to empower your entire marketing team to do more.   

For your marketing team to be truly efficient, they need to be able to make changes to your website pages and marketing documents easily and, as mentioned above, without having to wait for the development team to make code changes.   

Ideally, you want a system that allows your team to publish new content and changes to existing website pages themselves. This will greatly increase their ability to execute campaigns and build your firm’s brand.    

3. Make sure updates are pushed through to your sites and documents instantly

Outdated information inhibits marketing efficiency and, quite frankly, makes you look unprofessional. For optimal marketing and sales performance all team members should always have access to the latest information, and this information should be consistent across your website and marketing documents.   

Therefore, you should choose a digital experience provider that allows you to run your website, post–sales experiences, sales portals, marketing documents and sales presentations off a single content and data platform.     

This will not only save you time, as data will be shared seamlessly between modules, but will also allow you to make updates in one central location after which the new information will automatically be pushed through to all your platforms – which means your sales and marketing teams will always have the latest, consistent information.    

4. Automate your marketing document production  

By automating document production, you can increase your marketing team’s efficiency and put your firm on a road to real growth.    

Automated document production means that time previously spent sourcing information and chasing approvals can now be used on more strategic marketing activities. Freeing up your marketing team’s time previously spent on admin will allow them to develop more marketing and lead generation strategies, spend more time engaging with and assisting your sales teams and improving the content on your website and portals – to only name a few tasks.   

It’s easy to see how this could lead to more, high-quality leads being generated, as well as a better investor experience all round.   

How Kurtosys can help 

With the Kurtosys platform, you can achieve all of this and more. With Kurtosys DXM you can launch your financial websites and portals in record time. This will enable your marketing teams to launch new products quicker, put critical materials in the hands of your sales teams in real-time, and push key reports and insights to your customers faster than ever before.   

What’s more – seamlessly integrating with Kurtosys DXM – Kurtosys Documents allows you to produce reports and marketing materials in a fraction of the traditional time, drastically lower costs through automation, mitigate compliance risks with workflows and auditing, and push updated documents to your site as soon as they become available.  

Meanwhile, KurtosysData will provide you with a single source of data for all your experiences and documents created within the Kurtosys platform – allowing you to update information across all your marketing materials in one central location.  

With the Kurtosys platform, you can create powerful investor experiences and lasting customer relationships through efficient automation of key sales, marketing and customer service processes.