Latest Kurtosys release introduces DXM product page module

We’re excited to announce the latest release of the Kurtosys platform, comprising the DXM Product Page module, enabling you to easily configure your subsites, saving you time and allowing you to get fund information out faster.

Latest Kurtosys release introduces DXM product page module 1

Maintaining fund product pages can be a challenge and if done incorrectly can lead to compliance breaches. We created the DXM product page module to streamline the process: 

  • Ensure the correct products are always displayed: product pages should only be displayed for active share classes and to the correct investor segment. DXM integrates with Kurtosys Data segmentation to ensure that only active share classes and products are displayed for a given investor and jurisdiction. In addition, when a share class is closed the page is automatically hidden.
  • Assign Templates based on rules: DXM allows you to build a template and then assign it via a data rule to a product automatically (for instance by asset class or fund family). This means that as new share classes are launched, they can inherit page templates without your team having to build and deploy them individually. If particular products need their own template, then this setting can be overridden.
  • Compliance Snapshots: as product pages are launched, they are automatically tracked by the DXM Revisions module where snapshots are taken to ensure you always have a retained record of the information displayed to investors.
  • Customisable Information Architecture: DXM now allows you to customise the information architecture of your product pages, adding parent pages for funds, asset classes, or capabilities. This is beneficial for SEO and for helping users to navigate the site.

With the new DXM product page module you can configure your website subsites, and set up more granular items like fund-specific and shareclass-specific templates with greater ease, enabling you to cut down on website development time and ultimately deliver better investor experiences, faster.

In addition to the DXM product page module this release also included various feature enhancements, upgrades and the Post Importer which allows website builders to import WordPress posts from either another WordPress site or a generated export file. This ensures faster time to market as all your post content does not have to be manually added.