Latest Kurtosys release introduces document watermark passwords, disclaimer & commentary hyperlinks

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Kurtosys which includes various feature enhancements to improve document security and give you more control and flexibility.

Improved document security with Watermark Passwords

To give you even more control over your documents and their content we’ve added another layer of security to the Kurtosys platform to ensure only entitled persons can edit watermarked documents. The Document Watermark Password feature enables you to enforce password access when a user attempts to edit a watermarked pdf. This means only the users you want to be able to edit a document can do so.

Easily add hyperlinks into Disclaimers and Commentaries

In the latest release we have enhanced the Disclaimers and Commentaries modules to enable you to add hyperlinks into the text. You can easily hyperlink words within your Disclaimers and Commentaries using the WYSIWYG editor in the Disclaimer and Commentaries modules. These hyperlinks will show up anywhere the particular commentary or disclaimer is used.

Edit all Cultures in the Translations Module

To allow you to edit any and all Cultures in the Translations module we’ve added a culture type called ‘Default’ to the Data Dictionary. The Translations key (or default language) is an uneditable field in the Translations module, which means that users were unable to edit words and phrases for their default language. The addition of the ‘Default’ culture to the data dictionary means that users can now use Default as the key in the Translations module, thus making all other languages editable.

For more information on this release, take a look at the release note on our help site.