Latest Kurtosys release introduces deeper snapshot integration, enhanced functionality

We’re excited to announce the latest Kurtosys release which comprises deeper snapshot integration for WordPress sites, enhancing your record-keeping procedures and boosting your regulatory compliance.  

The new Kurtosys DXM Revisions is an enhancement of the Snapshots feature that clients using FundPress will be familiar with.  

With DXM Revisions you can rest assured that all changes to your website is being meticulously documented, providing you with all the information you need to answer any possible questions from your regulator timeously.    

The main functionality included in the Revisions module includes:  

Scheduled Snapshots 

When enabled, the DXM Revisions feature allows you to keep a record of the information that was displayed on your website at specific points in time.  

The system will take daily scheduled snapshots of your entire websiteThese full-page screenshots will be stored in a ‘compliance vault’ for a period of up to ten years.   

Files are saved in a read-only format so that they can never be overwritten. Snapshots are recorded in both PDF and HTML formats. Whilst the PDF captures a visual representation of the web page, the underlying HTML is also accessible which can be critical if the page has hidden areas such as tabs or collapsible panels.  

Revision History 

In addition to taking scheduled screenshots of your webpages, DXM Revisions will also take a snapshot every time a page is created or updated. This means that all changes made to your website will be recorded automatically – giving you valuable audit control.   

All snapshots – both those that were scheduled and those triggered by webpage updates – can be easily located using date filters. Once the relevant snapshot has been found, both the PDF and HTML versions can be downloaded from within the Kurtosys platform.  

With Kurtosys DXM Revisions you can give your regulatory compliance boost without increasing operating costs. 

*Clients currently using the product page snapshot feature, please note that, as of this release, Snapshots will no longer be located under Kurtosys Data (previously FundPress), instead all Snapshots will be controlled from within the DXM Revisions module. 

In addition to these new features, the latest release also included various bug fixes and enhancements. For more information on these, please refer to the full release note on help.kurtosys.com