Latest Kurtosys release introduces 2FA, user emulation, custom identifiers

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Kurtosys which includes various new features and feature enhancements.

This release enhances the security of the Kurtosys platform through two-factor authentication and eases troubleshooting with the inclusion of user impersonations. Also included in this release is the introduction of custom fund and share class identifiers. 

Added security through Two-factor Authentication

When working with sensitive financial information, data security is of utmost importance. Standard login pages are often a target for brute-force attacks which try to bypass usernames and passwords. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security and prompts your users to use their mobile device to complete the login process.

We’ve integrated Duo Security into the Kurtosys platform and we’ve also made it easy for administrators to control who has access to the two-factor feature. Enabling this extra layer of security can mitigate security risks and also help control who has access to your data.

Smooth troubleshooting with Impersonations

Impersonations allows a Kurtosys user to impersonate or emulate another user. This gives users the opportunity to check whether entitled users are in fact seeing the correct data or documents as well as provide an opportunity for assisting users in troubleshooting their accounts. All users have the ability to impersonate other users, but permission to do so must first be granted by a Client Admin.

Easier search using Custom Fund Identifiers

The new custom fund identifiers feature allows users to search for and add funds or share classes to disclaimers, commentaries and segmentation lists using the terminology they are familiar with.
Custom fund identifiers need to be set up by a client admin, after which all users will have access to them, making their search process easier and saving them valuable time.

In addition to these features, release 27 also includes the ability to resend Kurtosys registration emails to users pending registration as well as various bug fixes.

For more information on these take a look at the release note on our help site.