Latest Kurtosys release includes DXM enhancements to make site management even more effortless

We’re excited to announce the latest Kurtosys release which comprises DXM feature enhancements, enabling you to manage your digital experiences with greater ease.  

The feature enhancements included in this release will help you streamline your site management process, enable you to make changes more easily and ultimately get your websites and digital experiences out faster – leading to an overall better investor experience.  
Two main feature enhancements were included in this release:  

IP Restrictions per Domain

Following this release, you can now apply IP Restrictions per domain from within Kurtosys DXM. This feature is extremely useful if you have more than one domain set up within a single site instance – for example, a main website and a blog. If, for example, your blog is still under development, you are now able to easily restrict access to this site, while still allowing the broader public to access your main website – leading to a much smoother investor experience.  

In addition, you can easily activate or deactivate IP Restrictions for specific domains from within the Kurtosys platform, without having to edit the IP addresses you’ve already set up, allowing you to change sites from public to private (or the reverse) quickly and effortlessly.

Redirects per Domain

This release also included the functionality to apply redirects per domain from within the Kurtosys platform.  

If you have multiple websites within a single site instance – for example a blog and a main website  it is unlikely that you will need all the same redirects applied to both sites. This functionality makes it easier for you to manage your sites by allowing you to set individual redirects per domain. It also allows you to provide a better user experience on your website, by not subjecting users to unnecessary redirects.  

Document Download URLs

In addition to the new DXM features included in this release, we’ve also created a new, more secure way for Kurtosys Documents users to access documents via URL. This URL includes a read-only secure token, which enhances the security of your Kurtosys account.

With the DXM features included in this release you can streamline your site management process, which ultimately means you can get your websites out faster and provide your investors with a stellar experience, while the security of your document management process will be improved through the new document downloads feature. But it doesn’t end there, so keep an eye on our blog for future new features and enhancements that will allow you to do even more with the Kurtosys platform.