Latest Kurtosys release includes DXM domain management upgrade, document distribution enhancements

We’re excited to announce the latest Kurtosys release which comprises DXM domain management upgrades and Document Production Center feature enhancements to further improve the user experience of our platform. 

The most notable features included in this release are:

DXM Domain Management upgrade

Following this release, clients are now able to map specific domains, sub-domains and paths to WordPress sub-sites from within Kurtosys DXM. This enables you to host multiple sites using the same site instance, allowing for content to be shared between WordPress sub-sites.

Production Center distribution enhancements

When setting up F2C and SFTP distribution within the Document Production Center, clients are now able to provide the Kurtosys platform with SFTP server config details using either a password or private key. Previously only the password option was available.

In addition to the features listed above this release also included many bug fixes and enhancements, which will make it easier for you to generate and distribute your key investor documents and improve the overall user experience of the platform.