How to author and manage fund data commentaries using FundPress

Our FundPress cloud-based platform makes authoring, publishing and managing your fund commentaries a streamlined exercise, with the workflow centralized all in one place.

A user can add a new ‘commentary type’ within the Data Dictionary tab, and assign an appropriate description. Select a new commentary type by using the plus button, and then choosing the tab entitled ‘add commentary type’ from the drop down menu. Once saved, it will appear within the main menu.

By clicking on the ‘Commentaries’ sub-tab in the left-hand toolbar, located within the Data Hub section, the user can see an aggregate view of all of their commentaries, separated into their designated commentary types.

Authoring a commentary from scratch is a very similar process to authoring disclaimers. Here is how to create a new commentary: 

  • Press the plus button in order to open a new commentary template
  • Each commentary can be assigned a commentary type, all of which are listed above
  • Much like a disclaimer, each can also be assigned a fund, share class and segmentation list
  • Every commentary must be given a culture (language)
  • You can enter the commentary text into the text box given and save your progress.

The overview page shows our customers the full audit trail of what actions have been taken in the ‘Commentaries’ tab, such as who has created a commentary, who has modified it, and the ISIN, share class and segmentation list that it has been paired with. With its high functionality of simple templates, FundPress makes the creation and managing of commentaries a hassle-free exercise.

Visit the FundPress page for more information and to request a demo.