Fund History 1774-2018 [infographic]

Finding ourselves in a maze of mutual funds, ETFs, ESG opportunities and the like in 2019, it’s worth noting that the fund world’s tumultuous journey can even be traced back to the 17th Century in the Netherlands whereby a Tulip craze created an economic bubble in just one month. Then again, even these records can be debated from further study, especially relevant due to economic fluctuations caused by cryptocurrencies in the past decade.

Funds and regulations that we are now fully invested in all have their place in global history; the first US-based international mutual fund’s introduction in 1955, to the EU overhaul regulation that is MiFID II that continues to create compliance issues to this day and, perhaps, beyond.

With assistance from the ICI’s Investment Company Fact Book 2018, we’ve put together a handy timeline of the most significant events that have shaped the fund industry, featuring some lawful reforms, important fund launches and AUM landmarks.

Fund History 1774-2018 [infographic] 1