Connecting the Dots – Dan Sondhelm [Podcast]

In the very first edition of our Kurtosys Podcast, CEO at Sondhelm Partners Dan Sondhelm chats to Elliot Burr about new digital strategies for asset managers: how to best leverage new technologies, and how to stay ahead of the content marketing game in the face of regulation and disruptors.

Sondhelm Partners are a solutions company providing integrated distribution to sales, marketing and public relations within the asset management industry.
You can find out the most pertinent results of our 2018 Asset Management Digital Marketing Survey, as well as Dan expanding on the points he made in his blog entitled Asset Managers’ Advance in Digital Coming Up Short; pointing at the fact that firms aren’t connecting technologies within their team leading to disjointed marketing, sales and client servicing strategies, as well as the importance of marketing automation and how development and investment in digital strategies is set to rise.
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