Asset Management in Europe [INFOGRAPHIC]

Continuing our theme of asset management infographics, here’s one we created on Asset Management in Europe, based on data from the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).

Key asset management stats in Europe

Behind the U.S., Europe ranks as the second largest market in the global asset management industry, managing 31% of global AUM. According to the report, the top three countries — the UK, France and Germany — accounted for 67% of total AUM in Europe.

More than 3,200 asset management firms are registered in Europe, employing approximately 90,000 people directly and over 400,000 indirectly at end 2011.
Through its 27 member associations, 62 corporate members and 24 associate members, EFAMA represents approximately €15 trillion in assets under management.
Asset Management in Europe [INFOGRAPHIC] 1