Advisers and wealth managers demand quality over quantity

Richard Lander, Director of Citywire Engage, has signalled the need for asset managers to simplify their content and avoid jargon in order to boost their brand awareness and market their content in a better way.
Citywire Engage, an organisation looking to provide the very best expertise in terms of content creation for asset managers, recently conducted a survey of 174 advisers and wealth managers to find out what they want to read, and how they want to read it.
The quality of the content does not seem to be much of a problem here, with 78% of respondents believing that it is “about right”, although 44% do admit that a lot of the content is too long and doesn’t get to the point.
Richard Lander, therefore, points out that asset managers are still as guilty as other businesses of unnecessary jargon, and, whilst touching on areas such as macro-economics, politics and technology, asset managers need to look at the bigger picture so as to avoid saying the same thing as everyone else. The majority of respondents at 67% wanted to read about macro issues, and advisers (more than wealth managers) were particularly keen on educational material.
Unsurprisingly, digitalisation has changed the reading patterns of users, so content creation must be adapted. However, as the infographic below shows, less respondents in the survey are finding their information on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and are instead reading their most relevant news articles online or in newspapers.
Content, therefore needs to as readable and to-the-point as possible, with people’s attention spans shortening.
The survey did in fact signpost a huge flaw in emails in that 85% of respondents open half or less of the 10 or so emails that they receive every day. As a former journalist, Richard highlights the need to construct the perfect attention-grabbing headline, not just for articles for an investment blog, but also for email subject lines. The shorter, more punchy and engaging an email is presented before reading, the higher the click-through rate to boost your marketing efforts.
You can watch our most recent webinar with Richard Lander below.