7 Reasons why doting on digital won't mean the end of fund documents

The asset management industry is on a voyage of digital discovery, with firms spending more than ever before on digital marketing and tools. Firms of every size are beginning to understand how digital channels can help them reach out and engage clients, but, underneath it all, clear, compliant documents remain the bedrock of effective asset management marketing.
Here are seven reasons why doting on digital doesn’t mean an end to the domination of documents.

1. Regulation (still) requires documents

While asset managers are widely using digital tools, they still need to produce certain documents to ensure regulatory compliance. Both internal communications and client facing literature are shaped by industry-standard rules that govern which person must see which document at which stage in the process.

This means, even the most digitally advanced asset managers still need to produce documents on a regular basis. However, it doesn’t mean that these documents have to be produced manually – by automating your document production through technology you can save time and resources.

2. Content informs; channels deliver

Digital properties like websites and mobile apps are becoming highly effective means of distributing fund documents but digital channels are just that… channels.
Digital channels can speed up distribution, it can change the game when it comes to interactive fund tools and client engagement, but it doesn’t negate the need for documents such as fund factsheets.

3. Distribution chains depend on documents

The global asset management machine has evolved on the basis of common standards for information. Sales teams, distribution and wholesale partners, brokers, platforms and regional offices all depend on documents as the de facto mechanism for ensuring that fund information is managed and communicated effectively.

4. Documents provide opportunity for tailored information

By producing fund marketing documents tailored to different investor types and geographies you can ensure all your investors get the correct information as mandated by legislation.
Different types of investors, from various countries, will visit your website, which means you should make sure it has a global focus. But you also need to make sure each investor has access to the relevant information for their individual location. Downloadable fund marketing documents is a great way to ensure this.

5. Documents facilitate compliance

Regulatory scrutiny has never been higher. Spurred on heightened security risks and ever-suspicious clients, asset managers face a constant onslaught of new rules and compliance hurdles.

By producing fund documents in line with legislation, you can rest assured your firm is operating in line with the law.

6. An easy way to keep information current

Making sure all the information you provide is current and accurate at all times can be tricky if you have a website with a large number of pages that need to be continuously updated.

Documents, however, are easier to update, if you have a good version management system in place. What’s more, if your system automatically pushes new documents through to your website you can rest assured your investors have the most up to date information at all times – without you having to update a single webpage!

7. The necessity of personalization and high security

Some documents have to be made available on limited access (by country or investor type for example) whilst in other situations, clients value the opportunity to view personalized document libraries that can customize their online experience.

All of this is possible by producing the correct marketing documents and putting a system in place for document management.

Automated document production and management

So doting on digital won’t mean an end to the dominance of documents in asset management marketing, but if you get automation right, digital technology might just mean you have time to finally focus on new digital campaigns and client engagement.

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