6 Essential SEO Factors for the Perfect Fund Web Page

From selecting a restaurant for dinner to trying to decide on a new mattress, the majority of people take to search engines to provide them with accessible, convenient and trust-worthy information. In fact, a 2012 report by Fleishman-Hillard found that 89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine. The fund management industry is no different. Prospective investors are taking to Google, Yahoo and Bing first to search for fund-related information like performance and products.
What are the fundamental SEO ingredients your fund web page needs to have to get the most out of search? Here’s a list of three essential and simple SEO factors for the perfect fund web page that will enhance not only your fund website’s rankings, but lead generation and web traffic too.6 Essential SEO Factors for the Perfect Fund Web Page 1

1. Page title

This is probably the single most important (and most obvious) factor. Make sure the fund name is included in the page title, ideally before the company name or section.

2. URL

If your CMS allows it, keep your fund page URLs search engine friendly by including the fund name. Use hyphens for spaces, not underscores.

3. Headings

Include the fund name in the page heading, preferably using an H1 tag.

Plugins make SEO easy

All of these factors are made simple with the help of content management systems. With plugins like Yoast for WordPress, fund marketers can easily optimize their fund pages for search. Yoast provides marketers with the necessary fields they need to focus on to get SEO right for certain posts and pages , like “focus keyword” and “meta-description”. Marketers can even see how the page will look in search results with Yoasts’ preview ability.

SEO must be a top priority if fund marketers want to successfully execute their online marketing strategy.

There are three more SEO factors for the perfect fund web page. Download the PDF for the full list and illustration.