6 Elements of the Perfect Secure Portal [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are a wealth manager or fund administrator, then you probably use a secure portal to distribute data and documents to your advisors and investors. But as users become increasingly tech-savvy and almost two-thirds (65%) of HNWIs expect to run most or all of their wealth management relationships digitally in 5 years, is your web portal keeping up with user demands? Even the wealthiest HNWIs are demanding digital, with over half (55%) of those with over US$20 million in investable assets and three-quarters (74%) of those with US$10-20 million expecting a largely digital wealth management relationship in five years.
At Kurtosys we’ve invested a lot into designing and building secure portals so we decided to create an infographic that highlights what we feel are six crucial UI elements that make up the perfect secure portal.
Click on the image for a full screen version.
Perfect Secure Portal Infographic

1. Intuitive Dashboard

User experience is key when it comes to the design of a Secure Portal’s dashboard. An advisor/investor should be able to easily view high level summary information for their account(s) and intuitively be able to navigate around the portal from this screen.

2. Currency Toggle

Secure portals for fund providers or administrators often require the ability to display financial figures in multiple currencies. A currency dropdown built-in to the portal improves the user experience and becomes an indispensable feature.

3. Associated Documents

Displaying associated fund literature is an important requirement for a fund portal. Quarterly/Monthly Portfolio Valuation Summaries in PDF format are just one example that users should be able to access easily.

4. User Permissions & Emulation

Simple administration control over different user types in your portal is vital. From intermediaries to investors, setting key permissions and the ability to emulate those users so you can verify what each user type can see.

5. Data export functions

The users of your secure portal need useful functions, such as Export to Excel buttons for transactions, holdings and distributions. Print-friendly views are also a must.

6. Responsive Design

A good secure portal should cater for users on the move. Responsive web design can ensure your users can experience as much full functionality on mobile or tablet devices as possible.
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