Asset managers work together to meet COVID-19 challenge

Asset managers face unprecedented challenges due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. But, as with other communities and businesses around the world, they are working together to manage the social and economic impacts of the virus.

Kurtosys is joining these efforts by doing everything we can to help asset managers ensure control and continuity, while also sustaining growth and efficiency.

This whitepaper provides an outline on how you maintain control of your business while also keeping people safe and productive at home. Learn more on:

  • Ensuring continuity – disaster recovery plans may not be robust enough to deal with the multiple issues as a result of the current crisis 
  • Advice on home working – steps to take covered by one of our business partners, PWC on the transition from work to home office
  • How Kurtosys can help – our end-to-end DXM platform enables effective remote working and empowers firms to drive efficiency


Download this white paper now, to find out everything you need to know on how to continue driving efficiency and business growth with minimal disruption while also staying safe at home.


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