Our 10 Best Blogs of 2021

December has a way of creeping up on us,  doesn’t it?  It’s a valuable time of introspection and reflection on the year that has almost passed.  And what a year it was for all of us at Kurtosys and our clients in the asset and wealth management industries!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our articles,  webinars and white papers that were published this year and we thank all our contributors for their insights and guidance.  The lively discussions,  research,  and knowledge exchanges all enable us to stay on top of tech trends in the finance and asset management industry,  highlight the platform features and innovations we have launched and provide general education around the importance of security,  data,  and customer experience. 

To bid 2021 farewell,  we are recapping our top ten blog posts of the year.

by Neil Thornburn

Once new websites have launched and the fanfare subsided,  the reality of maintaining the volume of content on your new sites starts to bite.  At Kurtosys,  our DXM platform’s recently launched site groupings feature makes sorting and grouping sites for changes,  reviews,  and re-certifications much easier.  Read more…

by Gerhard Vana

Many asset manager websites have https configurations with an inadequate rating,  potentially damaging their user experience and SEO ranking.  At Kurtosys we pride ourselves on information security,  protecting our customer’s digital estates and ensuring we capture the most detailed data possible on the type of traffic that hits their websites.  Read more…

At Kurtosys, we put customer experience at the heart of tool development,  including in environmental,  social and governance (ESG) investment reporting.  Good data visualization is essential for user experience.  But ESG data is a pain point for many asset managers.

We have put together some fantastic examples of asset managers embracing creativity,  modern design principles and best practice across their ESG reporting.  Read more…

by Neil Thornburn

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Assessment of Value regulations aim to improve competition among asset managers and make value more transparent.  Columbia Threadneedle Investments has taken the opportunity to consider how it can add further value and provide a great experience for customers.

We spoke to Richard Vincent,  head of product,  EMEA at Columbia Threadneedle,  to find out how they differentiate themselves by creating an exceptional customer experience in their value assessment.  Read more…

by Neil Thornburn

Asset managers need to procure cloud systems that deliver all the promised benefits and have all the right risk management processes.  But too often,  leaders are removed from the reality of what it takes to do this.

These processes are becoming critical for cloud technology users.  Technology is advancing and as customers’  needs and expectations evolve,  your business needs grow with them.  Read more…

by Sunil Odedra

Digital transformation has the potential to help companies achieve powerful long-term benefits.  At Kurtosys,  we believe that transformation is not about quick wins or short-term gains.

A core principle is to build stable foundations and infrastructure to help you solve issues and accelerate growth.  Read more…

by Patrick McKenna

Client reporting is a corner of asset management that has remained largely untouched by technological transformation in the last few years.

However,  in the last year,  developments have emerged that promise a different future.  We predict three trends that will become everyday facets of the client reporting process by 2030.  Read more…

by Neil Thornburn

At Kurtosys,  we put customer experience at the heart of tool development,  including in environmental,  social and governance (ESG) investment reporting.  Good data visualization is essential for user experience.

 In this article,  we examine the approach of Nordea,  an asset manager that excels in ESG reporting.  Read more…

by Patrick McKenna

Asset manager heads of digital are often tasked with reimagining a fund buying experience.  One major dilemma is whether to build it with an internal development team or use a vendor solution such as Kurtosys.

We’ve worked hard to build a platform that exceeds benchmarks in all these areas.  But for each decision point,  it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of self-build versus a solution such as the Kurtosys platform.  Read more…

by Gerhard Vana

Most browsers are already blocking third-party cookies and Chrome is planning to ditch support for them by 2022.  So,  the race is on to find viable alternatives to cookies without compromising end-user privacy.

One of these is named FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts).  In this article,  our Information Security Engineer Gerhard explains why a more appropriate name for it would be Dead Duck.  Read more…

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