Using Kurtosys to store, manage & distribute all your financial documents

One of the most common challenges our customers experience is being able to collectively store and distribute all of their financial documents, in a cohesive and centralised fashion. For asset managers, this often includes fund literature and other product related or regulatory documents that need publishing regularly on their website and also require targeted distributing to investors.
The main challenges that accompany financial document distribution are:

  • Aggregating documents from a wide range of sources into one centralised repository
  • Being able to tag documents so they are entitled for the correct product/web page/person/country
  • Having the ability to quickly bulk upload and replace documents online
  • Keeping documents up-to-date with the latest version
  • Having an audit trail of document history and recipient activity

Watch Kurtosys Financial Document Distribution in action

To solve some of our customers document challenges, we’ve dedicated a lot of time into a range of new features in our platform. We appreciate financial companies have documents in multiple disparate environments so we’re able to take feeds from all kinds of third party systems, such as Salesforce. Once they are within our document management facility, we can pipe those documents via our APIs into your website, app or into Kurtosys fund tools. The platform enables you to have the correct taxonomies, making sure they appear in the correct language, alongside the correct product and are distributed to the correct investors.

Within the main document screen, users are easily able to preview the document as well as review and edit the accompanying metadata which could typically include the document title, language, date, document type and even specifics such as ISIN numbers.

Custom taxonomies such as ISIN number can be added to documents using the Kurtosys Data Dictionary. Here users can add custom metadata and their accompanying values, such as accepted document types like KIIDs, factsheets and so on. This feature allows administrators to add datasets to documents that are relevant to your business, and that are useful to systems downstream such as search filters on your website.

Documents can be easily uploaded either manually, or via a manifest file if you have a large number of files. Uploading manually is simple using the drag and drop interface, which then prompts users to tag them with the appropriate metadata. This process can be sped up using our useful “drag and duplicate” feature.

Using Kurtosys to store, manage & distribute all your financial documents 1

An advanced search function allows users to search across their metadata and other meaningful criteria such as document type. Admins can also dictate which variables are searchable to really customise the system to reflect their business and document types.

In the next documents screencast we’ll dive more into entitlements which allows you to distribute documents down to individual person level.

If you’d like to know more about Kurtosys Document Management & Distribution please visit our FundPress page and request a demo.