How to centrally manage all your fund disclaimers and approval workflow

One of the key benefits of FundPress is that it offers a centralized Disclaimer Management System for marketers. This feature is a great time-saver as you can author, as well as build out an entire workflow process, for any of your disclaimers, all within the cloud-based solution of FundPress which can be used across factsheets, websites and fund performance tools. It provides a much more efficient means of managing disclaimers rather than having to use multiple downstream systems, or portals such as email or Excel.

The workflow process relies on the role of approval groups, which can be managed in the ‘Approval Groups’ subsection on the main sidebar. New groups can be made, and any users can be assigned to them. Typical approval groups can include ‘Factsheet Approvers’, ‘Compliance Team’, or even language-specific ‘Translation Approval’ groups, for example.

Ultimately, the ability to author disclaimers and have these approved before publishing to live digital properties can all be achieved in FundPress.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to build out and manage disclaimers and approval groups from scratch:

  • In the ‘Disclaimers’ tab within ‘Data Dictionary’, pre-existing disclaimer types can be viewed in an aggregated view.
  • Any new disclaimer types can be added using the plus button, where you can assign a description.
  • Approval groups can be assigned using the appropriate section in the side window.
  • Multiple approval groups types can be linked to each disclaimer, or deleted efficiently.
  • To make a disclaimer from scratch, you can use the template found in the ‘Disclaimers’ tab located in the left-hand sidebar and clicking the plus button.
  • The relevant disclaimer type, fund, share class or segmentation and culture can then be applied before creating the disclaimer type.
  • You can save this as a draft or send it for approval.
  • All of the disclaimer types and their approval statuses then exist all within the main ‘Disclaimers’ tab.

Due to FundPress’s multi-tenant functionality, the authorship of disclaimers and can be managed across multiple accounts, to improve the efficiency of your fund marketing team.
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