Data Healthcheck highlights fund data issues before they go live

For many of our customers, bad data is one of the biggest stressors they grapple with on a regular basis. While we cannot fix your downstream systems, with FundPress’s Healthcheck feature we can tell you when data errors exist and provide you with a chance to address these issues before they go live on your web pages or documents.
The main benefit of the Healthcheck feature is that it allows you to build and define custom data rules, and then alerts you when your data breaks these rules, or falls outside the parameters you have set. You can easily pinpoint failure points using this feature, and go back into your downstream system to make adjustments as necessary, to ensure your data is updated to align with your requirements.
The Healthcheck feature is particularly effective because it’s a huge time-saver for the user. Instead of having to manually audit hundreds or even thousands of rows of data in Excel spreadsheets or other downstream systems looking for errors, Healthcheck instead allows the user to create custom data rules for many funds or share classes, and then compiles all the success and failure points of the data in one aggregated view.

Here’s how FundPress Healthcheck works:

  • Via an intuitive interface, a user can build custom rules against certain data points (examples include: property rules, allocation rules, statistic rules).
  • The user is then able to apply all of the rules to one or many share classes or funds, using the Healthcheck’s typeahead search functionality.
  • For greater user-defined accuracy, it is then possible to assign further allocation rules and custom parameters. By choosing to view such rules as “Morningstar Rating” or a “Timeseries Rule”, the diagnostics of these choices can be viewed in the Healthcheck.
  • Minimum and maximum values can also be set for specific funds.
  • On the “Monitor” tab, all of the success and failure points of a user’s query will appear clearly in one aggregated view. Within this view, the user will see positive or negative icons (green/red), depending on whether the piece of data meets the criteria of the rule, or if it is incorrect and the data point is in need of fixing.
  • By highlighting over the red icons, or the failure points, the Healthcheck will inform the user with the exact reason for that specific data problem.

The Healthcheck allows for multiple users to check successes and failures in real time. It is an invaluable tool to help control for faulty data that may inhibit the accuracy of your company’s website, data tools or documents.
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