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Reduce the compliance risk of inconsistent data, manual intervention and time spent producing reporting outputs.


Productivity Increase


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Factsheets are data-rich, typically making them hard to automate, and usually the need to carry lots of disclaimers. Kurtosys equips sales and marketing teams to educate clients about their fund products while allowing teams to create beautiful, automated, data-driven documents that obey complex compliance rules and can be created instantly with the latest data. Kurtosys translates documents in seconds eliminating time spent manually translating into different languages increasing the chance of error.

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Sales support teams require sophisticated features for managing fund data and related content for regulated, cross-border fund distribution. Our platform respects this and is packed with features to ensure sales presentation are automated in a way that not only makes them stunning but renders them compliant to the intended market and audience.

Client Reports

Customized client reporting takes a large amount of time and effort. Our automation engine reduces the time taken to produce content, putting reports in your clients’  hands sooner and driving up satisfaction. Customization often means manual, error-prone content creation. Our automation engine allows client reporting teams to apply workflows and approvals to content, while our health check module ensures data is of the highest quality.

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Regulatory Reporting

Sustainable investing is predicted to be the number one driver of new fund flows in the coming years. Use Kurtosys to centralize your engagement and ESG analytics alongside your issuer and portfolio data. Bring your sustainability data to life, ready for inclusion in reporting.

Key Benefits


Kurtosys is built on one system that consolidates all reporting output types. You therefore don’t need to liaise with different vendors as you can fulfill all your reporting needs in one place.

Automatic Content Localization

From numeric and date formats to automatic translation, Kurtosys provides a suite of tools to localize your content at source, avoiding expensive and painstaking translation activities, and allowing you to put content in your team's hands, quicker.

Intuitive Application

Our platform is user-friendly with its drag and drop paradigm. You can resize and optimize for the particular piece of content you are producing. Kurtosys templates are intuitive applications that you already familiar with. It natively integrates with Microsoft Office365 and Indesign giving you the full power of PowerPoint, Word, and Indesign while maintaining deep integration with your digital assets and fund data.

Speed & Scale

Our cloud computing engine can reproduce the look and feel of your documents while encapsulating the entirety of your business rules at speed and scale. Each template can be used to drive hundreds or even thousands of unique documents in minutes, traditionally taking days. This will allow you to remove dead time and allowing you to put content in sales teams, external advisors and institutional clients' hands quicker while drastically reducing rendering costs and removing the issues of risk due to manual intervention.

Data Consistency

Avoid compliance breaches with Kurtosys. Our platform creates a natural consistency across fund data, documents, and disclaimers because of all reporting outputs are being generated from one system.

Customization often means manual, error-prone, content creation. Through our innovative workflow and health-check modules, you can easily detect problems and ensures data is of the highest quality. You set up the health check business rules and our system detects the issues and provides you with a report that highlights the gaps and problems in your data. The same workflow feature allows for an agile approval process which includes approval notifications and the sign-off documents.

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Kurtosys Cloud platform drives core efficiencies to support strategic transformation agenda