Kurtosys' latest release introduces Enterprise Security Features

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Kurtosys which includes various new enterprise security features.

The features included in this release helps you reduce risk by providing flexible security settings in line with common InfoSec requirements and standards set by global financial institutions. Configure your platform security measures to match your internal policies, by determining password complexity requirements and maximum password age.

Set a Maximum Password Age to increase security

Passwords that are never changed present a security risk to your organisation. Mitigate this risk by setting a maximum password age for your company profile on the Kurtosys platform. Users will then be forced to change their passwords after the specified number of days, ensuring passwords stay updated and secure.

Configure Password Strength Rules to match your internal policy

Kurtosys now allows you to configure your password complexity rules to match your internal security policy. Choose how long passwords should be as well as how many letters, numbers and special characters a password needs to contain. You can also make the use of upper and lowercase letters compulsory and restrict the use of the same letter or number three times in a row.

For more information on these features and how to set them up for your Kurtosys profile, refer to our help site.